Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LifeSite: "Here’s the merciful way the Church deals with transgender people" has found a whacked-out German sociologist, Gabriele Kuby, who claims to be an expert in “gender ideology.” I bet. Of course the only people who use the preposterous phrase “gender ideology” are orthodox Catholics. Most normal people seem to embrace the medical science regarding gender dysphoria. Pete Baklinski who wrote this piece at has a BA from Thomas Aquinas College — of course he does. According to Ms. Kuby:
If people have these problems — which is very unfortunate and [they] need our compassion and help of any kind — [the Church must] not affirm them in their physiological disturbance, but tell them what their true identity is.
The video is worse than the quoted portion above. Kuby, by the way, does not have a doctorate and is a Catholic convert. This is a reaction to some ambiguous statements from Pope Francis that suggest an evolving attitude regarding transgender people. They are outraged that he referred to a transgender person using the correct pronouns. I wouldn't count on the pope to make a dramatic change.

The piece then introduces some pretentious Descartes philosophy (which is mischaracterized) as if that has the slightest relevance to transgender people:
Using Cartesian dualism — which holds that man is like a “ghost in a machine” — as a springboard, transgender ideology holds that some people are “born” in the wrong body. Hormones and body-altering surgery are justified as appropriate means to transform a person’s body to correspond with one’s perceived gender.
There is no such thing as transgender ideology. It is a construct that has been manufactured by priests and prelates in order to claim that gender must be binary; male or female. Anything that deviates from the simplistics of religious observance must have a basis in the embrace of a set of ideas that comprise an alternative — and thoroughly incorrect — theory of our existence.

What is really happening here is a demonstration of slavish devotion to ancient texts which provide for the separation of one's immortal soul from the real world. It is all just self-indulgent bullshit that allows people with questionable intellectual curiosity and limited critical thinking skills to feel as if they are intellectuals. The purpose of religion is to provide a path to an afterlife if one just follows the rules. The immortal soul contrivance is a means of shaping belief.

This would be relatively harmless were it not for parents who accept it without questioning the substance. Unfortunately that is not the case.

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