Thursday, October 27, 2016

MassResistance: The Book

As a group, MassResistance is rather dimwitted. Anti-LGBT bigots are not the smartest people around. The leader of this hate group is Brian Camenker. I wonder how he feels in the frequent company of Evangelical Christian leaders who are convinced that Camenker is destined for Hell due to the fact that he is Jewish.

They have written a book

I would not know that they wrote a book were it not for its promotion by Peter LaBarbera and a tip from my contact at SPLC. MassResistance does seem to be expanding. Recently they have been active in California, Missouri, Texas and (supposedly) Mexico and Nigeria. Therefore, I will no longer ignore them entirely. Their only identifiable ideology is pathological LGBT hatred. Mr. Camenker is insane. He has a serious personality disorder. He presents little challenge to any critically thinking adult.

Getting back to the book, for ten bucks you can obtain the Kindle edition of “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals.” The author of the book is no individual humans. It is MassResistance with a forward by Camenker. The lengthy table of contents (see below) reads like the crackpot's guide to anti-gay vitriol. According to Camenker's foreword:
… the general public is told very little, if anything, about the baneful nature of homosexuality and its associated addictions and behaviors.
Baneful? Gay people are addicted to things because they are gay? That makes no sense. Later on:
We also present critical viewpoints from outside the LGBT-affirming medical establishment for balance and context.
The overwhelming scientific consensus is that there is nothing “baneful” in being gay. Balance and context would be achieved by presenting viewpoints consistent with that consensus. Anti-LGBT people cannot provide balance to an anti-LGBT book. As I stated, Mr. Camenker is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier of hate groups.

Let me try to bottom line this. The disclosed intent of this tome is to reveal the serious danger that homosexuality poses to our society. They do this with an appeal to stereotype and by suggesting that certain practices are in wide use among gay people. Not only is that incorrect but many of their points of reference (see the table of contents, below) are applicable in the same or modified form to heterosexual couples. S&M, for example, is largely a heterosexual pastime. Heterosexual couples have anal sex as well.

Gay people do some really weird things. Straight people do some really weird things. I am not judging those forms of recreation but most gay people are not defined by sex. We work hard, we have monogamous relationships or marriage, we raise kids and we don't engage in unusual sex practices (not that there is anything wrong with consenting adults who do).

Furthermore, let us suppose — just for the moment — that MassResistance is correct; that being gay is harmful to oneself and society. What does Brian Camenker propose? Well, on their website they provide a link: “Stand4Truth Conference to be simulcast live this weekend!” The event starting on October 28 features a number of hate group leaders and staff including Mat Staver, Peter Sprigg, Brian Camenker, David Welch, Arthur Goldberg and so on. At the end of the day, their view is that gay people should first repent and then undergo conversion therapy.

The problem with that, of course, is that Camenker and his merry band of crazies could spend a few years without finding a reasonably reliable study published to a respected and peer reviewed scholarly journal that supports the idea that there is some form of alchemy to turn gay people straight. So I guess that we are all supposed to be virtual eunuchs?

One chapter in this book reads "Ex-Gays Outnumber Gays; Change Therapy." I would wager that ex-ex-gays outnumber ex-gays who are minuscule number to begin with. They then proceed to confuse fluidity with the ability to change while noting that fluidity occurs without therapeutic intervention. No shit. There is no proven intervention that can change sexual orientation.

The good news is that anyone who would spend good money on this nonsense is probably an anti-LGBT bigot already. Bullshit like this doesn't change anyone's mind about anything. On the other hand homophobic people who get to know some gay people are known to sometimes change their point of view. That is how we obtained marriage equality. That is how we will ultimately be included as a protected class in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through the Equality Act. MassResistance is expanding but their relevance is in overall rapid decline.

In other words, this book is irrelevant now and will become less relevant in the future. However push-back is necessary. This site in incorporated into Google News as are other sites that will comment. We provide the balance and context.

Table of Contents:

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