Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NC Governor McCrory is now appealing to the "Silent Majority"

Richard Nixon and Pat McCrory
Unsurprisingly, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has become Nixonian with an appeal to the “Silent Majority” for support of his anti-LGBT ideology. The phrase was used by Richard Nixon to describe support for the war in Vietnam. Nixon claimed that the protesters represented a noisy minority in contrast to supporters of the war constituting a “silent majority.” Those were the “good people.”

McCrory regarding HB2:
They talk too softly about their support and they need to speak out now because what’s happening in America and what’s happening in North Carolina – the only people you hear from is the media – and the only people you hear from protesting in the street or on our universities are people on the very far left who disagree with people of faith on many issues – but we’re not hearing from the silent majority.
I scarcely know where to begin. A good place start might be the implied reliance on Christian Nation™ mythology. More importantly the citizens of North Carolina have been routinely misinformed by McCrory and other politicians in the state. Those officials have the loudest microphones and have convinced some citizens that their fellow LGBT citizens represent a danger to “defenseless” women and children. Critical thinkers have greater intellectual curiosity and are less likely to be influenced by the self-serving statements of politicians.

Going back to Mr. Nixon, history proves that the noisy minority were better informed and more correct about the war in Vietnam. As for North Carolina, governors of Southern states should be cautious about invoking arguments that are dependent upon the will of the majority, silent or not. Were the majority to prevail, North Carolina might still be segregated. The new version of Jim Crow in North Carolina relegates LGBT residents to second-class citizenship status.

The very fact that LGBT citizens are in the minority makes them especially vulnerable to the whims of the majority. We are a republic and have a representative form of government. Those representatives fail us when they do not make independent decisions based upon factual evidence. McCrory made some decisions based upon religious belief — something that was never intended by our founding fathers. He has since conjured up baseless talking points (in contrast to facts) to support decisions contrary to our Constitution. As a result the state has lost countless jobs and revenues while its reputation continues to decline. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

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