Tuesday, October 25, 2016

North Carolina Commerce Sec: "No negative impact from HB2"

Welcome to North Carolina - Unless you are LGBT
Commerce Secretary John Skvarla is North Carolina's top business official. On Monday Skvarla told the Charlotte Observer that the passage of the state's controversial House Bill 2 has had no significant business impact in North Carolina.

The measure, known as the nullified and preempts all municipal nondiscrimination protections for gay citizens while prohibiting transgender accommodations throughout the state.

Apparently PayPal deciding not to open a global operations center in the state that would have employed 400 people is not an economic impact. I must further presume that the NBA All-Star game the was pulled from the state had no economic impact. And as long as I am already delusional, the AAC and the NCAA pulling its marquee playoff games from the state is equally uneventful.

Nevertheless Skvarla says the state is in the “best position” it's ever been financially and operationally. Really?

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