Friday, October 21, 2016

Oh the poor gay couple supporting Trump

Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore
Photo credit: Wall Street Journal
Gays supporting Trump: Dewey Lainhart (left) and his fiance Cody Moore (right)
Due opprobrium: A gay couple is upset over ridicule of their support for Trump.

Dewey Lainhart, 31 years old, and his fiance Cody Moore, 22 years old, were interviewed by the Wall Street Journal at a Trump rally in Ohio. In the interview Lainhart says he works in the steel industry and supports Trump because we need a new approach to multinational trade deals. He says, “It’s time for a change, and Trump’s the man for it.” According to the Journal, the pair have a Facebook page titled “LGBT for Trump.”

The Wall Street Journal has reemerged with what many people would feel is anti-gay commentary (although the author of the piece, Jason Bellini, is gay):
It’s not OK to be gay, and also support Donald Trump — that’s the overwhelming reaction from more than 900 people who commented on a Wall Street Journal video of a young couple at a Trump rally posted to Facebook earlier this month.
No it is not okay. As a Jew it would not be okay for me to support David Duke, even if he advocated policies that I support. Trump might not be as extreme as Duke but he is no friend of the LGBT community.

Are these guys capable of critical thinking? Trade deals? Where are the specifics? Which countries, what changes and how will he accomplish those changes? What is the effect of making things more expensive for American consumers?

Bellini goes on to write:
Most of the comments ridiculed Messrs. Lainhart and and Moore for supporting Mr. Trump — calling them “rednecks” and suggesting that someone should “take away their gay card.”
Later on:
Since the interview was published last Friday, Messrs. Lainhart and Moore say they have received death threats from gay people warning them not to leave their house or go to any gay clubs. One message to them, they say, told them to drink bleach.
Having been on the wrong end, point blank, of a .45 I find the ubiquitous death threat form of “poor us” very offensive. Usually this narrative is the fair of religious crackpots. Telling them to drink bleach is not a death threat. I usually suggest chewing on a urinal mint which is presumably less “threatening.”

Lainhart, by the way, said that he can forgive Trump for saying that marriage should be returned to the states. Really? How about those gay folks who live in red states? Are they no longer entitled to marriage equality? Lainhart doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that Trump would nominate justices to the Supreme Court who would attempt to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges. Presumably these guys do not think that a reversal of Obergefell would affect them. What they will never understand is that when a gay couple is discriminated against in Alabama or Mississippi we are all affected. What else might a conservative Court do to make the lives of LGBT citizens miserable? How would any of this affect the outlook of a gay teen?

There are other things that Mr. Lainhart seems to have overlooked including Donald Trump's support for North Carolina's House Bill 2. I wonder if Lainhart knows that, in addition to persecuting transgender citizens — mostly children — HB2 preempted and nullified all municipal nondiscrimination protections for LGBT citizens. Or is that okay because Lainhart and Moore do not live in North Carolina?

I wonder if this pair understands Trump's contempt for the gay community. In Trump's deranged mind, the massacre at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub was an instant campaign advantage. Trump cynically claimed that he was pro-LGBT because he would keep us safer — by discriminating against Muslims. The Orlando bloodbath was all about Trump. It was disgraceful but the planet orbits Trump.

The pair make it clear that they are voting for Trump and not the profoundly anti-gay Mike Pence. I wonder if they know just how spectacularly homophobic Pence is. How can they support someone who would select someone like Pence (who opposed the Ryan White Act because money might go to gay organizations)?

These gentlemen aired their awful judgment and are now upset with the push-back. And why the fuck is Jason Bellini an enabler? This is all rather nauseating.

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