Monday, October 17, 2016

On Nov. 8 Donald Trump must be trounced - destroyed - humiliated

Donald Trump
No matter what the polls look like, we all must be part of a powerful message about American values. We reject what Donald Trump is and what Donald Trump stands for.

Donald Trump entered politics as a bigot — a racist trying to delegitimize our first Black president. Donald Trump has never apologized for that. Donald Trump's bigotry continued to be on full display as he called for us to bar entry to this country of individuals based upon their religion. He has called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. Trump wants to roll back marriage equality and supports North Carolina's HB2.

If anyone wasn't quite certain that Donald Trump is a bigot, he subsequently hired on, as the general manager of his campaign, Stephen K. Bannon who is the de facto leader of white nationalism in this country. Did Trump think that no one would notice or, more likely, did he expect that some people would notice?

Recently Donald Trump's misogyny (if not his criminal conduct) has been fully exposed for what it is (along with some very creepy comments about how sexy his daughter is). At the same time Trump has been sending out anti-Semitic code to describe the people who are supposedly conspiring to rig the presidential election. After all Donald Trump is magnificent perfection incarnate. The only way that Trump could possibly lose is if some Jewish bankers and media executives were plotting against him. Right?

Trump has also demonstrated that he lacks the intellectual curiosity to be our next president. He has no idea how most of government works and he seems to have no interest in finding out. Trump is spectacularly shallow. Whereas Clinton is a policy wonk Trump has yet to define, in detail, a single policy objective — What something will do, how it will do it, how it will be implemented and how it will become public policy. Trump's tax plan is an absurdity lacking sufficient detail and even coherency to reveal how he is going to make up for all of the lost tax revenues.

Trump keeps referring to “horrible, horrible” (Trump likes to repeat adjectives) trade deals. He has yet to cite any specifics. We do not even know what his proposed fixes look like let alone with whom he feels we must negotiate. Does anyone honestly believe that Trump has thought this through down to the specifics? Does anyone believe that Trump understands the theory of comparative advantage?

Trump has promised to round up and deport some 11 million people. He also wants to torture enemy combatants and he has even said that he wants to kill the family members of our enemies to punish them. Perhaps most disturbing is his promise to change our libel laws, presumably to deter criticism of Trump by the press. Aside from the fact that the press is constitutionally protected the president hasn't the power to change state laws regarding defamation. It is as silly as his promise to force Macy's employees to say “merry Christmas” instead of “seasons greetings.” Donald Trump is assuming the powers of a despot.

While Secretary Clinton is, in point of fact, a politician who can be maddeningly secretive she was an extraordinarily competent senator and then secretary of state. He negatives are largely the result of being the object of Republican criticism (designed to shape public opinion) for decades. This goes back to Bill Clinton's first term as governor of Arkansas in 1978. It came to a crescendo when she tried to reform our health insurance system in 1993. Much of the criticism is demagoguery. Sure, she has made some mistakes but none are anywhere near the seriousness that GOPers claim.

For example, does anyone really believe that Republicans had anything else to learn after the first hearings on Benghazi? Or do you think these were designed to influence the presidential election? Ten committees have participated in 33 hearings where 252 witnesses testified which generated 14 reports consisting of nearly 2,500 pages all at a cost to the taxpayers of over $7 million and without finding any official wrongdoing. How many people know that  Secretary Clinton appointed a nonpartisan, independent Accountability Review Board to review what happened and began the process of implementing the 29 recommendations put forth by the ARB before leaving State to prevent a similar situation from occurring?

A large margin of victory for Sec. Clinton will make claims of a rigged election even more preposterous than they already are. Trump will make the claim anyway because experts like Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah will have convinced him with words that he wants to hear. In his delusions, Donald Trump could not possibly lose were the election fair and square.

Donald Trump is a sociopath. Only one thing in this world seems to have value for Trump and that is Donald J. Trump. Trump has lied and plotted nefariously throughout this campaign and, at the same time, he has incited violence. Sometimes he has been successful in that regard. While those calls to rough people up were part of Trump's childish and erratic temperament he is now trying to intimidate voters by rallying a posse of potentially violent election watchers. We need to send Donald Trump a fat “fuck you” on election day. We need to turn out irrespective of any implied threat to our safety.

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