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Seemingly desperate, Mark Creech continues his anti-LGBT campaign of lies

Mark Creech
Mark Creech is a dedicated anti-LGBT bigot and Christian theocrat. He is also an accomplished liar. Pat McCrory is trailing Democrat Roy Cooper by about five points in his quest for another term as North Carolina's governor. After some selective Vietnam history that is not worthy of commentary Creech gets to his point:
Only a few days ago, I was captivated by a CBN interview of North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory, conducted at the Governor's mansion. Reporter Jenna Browder stated the Governor was facing a number of contentious issues, one of which was HB 2, the "Bathroom Bill." Browder said despite the incredible pressures McCrory was under to call for HB 2's repeal, he remained resolute in supporting it.

Quite frankly, I wasn't surprised. The Governor's stalwart position of protecting the right to privacy and safety has been an inspiration, not just for North Carolinians, but for much of the country.
Resolute? The only thing dumber than a dumb decision is to stick with it even when your own stupidity is glaringly apparent. Creech is being dishonest — referring to HB2 as a “Bathroom Bill” and claiming that this was about protecting privacy and safety. There is no evidence to suggest that transgender accommodations compromise either privacy or safety. Additionally, HB2 preempts (nullifies and precludes) municipal ordinances that protect gay citizens from discrimination. Municipalities are even precluded from requiring city contractors to refrain from discrimination. While they were at it that made existing nondiscrimination laws (based on race, sex, national origin and disability) un-litigable in state court. In other words a citizen is barred from bringing any civil action for discrimination.
The Human Relations Commission in the Department of Administration shall have the authority to receive charges of discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission pursuant to an agreement under Section 709(b) of Public Law 88-352, as amended by Public Law 92-261, and investigate and conciliate charges of discrimination. Throughout this process, the agency shall use its good offices to effect an amicable resolution of the charges of discrimination. This Article does not create, and shall not be construed to create or support, a statutory or common law private right of action, and no person may bring any civil action based upon the public policy expressed herein."
Creech wades even deeper into the bullshit:
Last March when social conservatives called upon the state legislature to adopt legislation that would overturn an unconstitutional overreach by the city of Charlotte, the Republican majority responded promptly by passing HB 2. The Governor signed the measure on the same day of its passage.
Unconstitutional? At the time a municipality had every right to effect nondiscrimination ordinances. What is this nitwit referring to? It continues:
Since the legislation's passing, however, the Governor and state leaders have been hounded, hated, and humiliated by the lying Left. The legislation, as well as our state's leadership, have been besmirched and badmouthed with unfounded criticisms and grossly hypocritical protests from big name celebrities, large corporate entities, and major sports groups. These attacks have been mostly driven by the Human Rights Campaign, Equality NC, and other purveyors of preferred rights rather than equal rights.

But perhaps this may not even be the worst of it. What would even surpass these injustices is if social conservatives, God-fearing North Carolinians, should fail to sufficiently stand with our state's leaders during their time of testing.
The “lying left?” What? Is this guy a cheap imitation of Trump while he continues to lie (the good Christian that he is) about the effects of HB2? HB2 is a challenge to the separation of church and state and is, in my opinion, in direct contravention to the Establishment Clause contained in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. HB2 is the work product of conservative Christians, their churches, their pastors and their organizations.

Yet, when it is anti-discrimination groups that organize actions in protest, that is a pernicious enterprise. Moreover, Creech continues to lie when he claims that the nondiscrimination protections of LGBT citizens are preferred, in contrast to equal rights. Being assured of service in a public accommodation is, apparently, something that we would prefer but not something that is required for our equality.

This is the kind of dishonest demagoguery that underpins both the creation of HB2 and the eventual protests against it. The Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina can only organize the opprobrium. It is up to the consciences of the leaders of various organizations (like the NBA, NCAA and AAC) to participate in protests. Before HB2 was passed large businesses throughout the state warned of the consequences but the good Christians weren't listening. To claim now that the state's leaders have incurred a “time of testing” only heaps flies on their turds of turpitude.

Creech believes that he has (as Roy Moore would put it) a “ministerial duty” to treat LGBT citizens with disrespect and inequality. In his eyes we are godless perverts. He fails to appreciate his own wickedness. Referring to McCrory's silent majority remarks, Creech writes:
The Governor's remarks slightly precede the recent announcement of the Human Rights Campaign's intention to contact more than 400,000 voters as a part of their get-out-the-vote campaign. They say they view North Carolina as central to their national objectives. They are determined to defeat McCrory's re-election campaign and secure a majority of state lawmakers for office that will implement their new radical gender ideology.
“Gender ideology?” Not very original. It is the phrase employed by Pope Francis to describe his obsession with denying the existence of transgender people. It also furthers the dishonesty that HB2 is just about gender identity.
They see the election in North Carolina as a referendum on legislation like HB 2. If they can succeed here, says the Washington-based Family Research Council, "then leaders in other states will start flying white flags on issues of morality, security, and religious freedom."
It is not a referendum on anything. We are cognizant of the fact that North Carolina is a Bible Belt state with a long history of discrimination. Denying McCrory another term would be a welcome accomplishment but that is a referendum solely on his continuing leadership. A race for the US Senate between incumbent Richard Burr and Democratic challenger, Deborah Ross, is a statistical tie. It is the same voter pool that arguably gives McCrory a five point deficit in the polls. The difference might very well be HB2 but that does not constitute a referendum on the measure. The best way of defeating HB2 might very well be through the courts.
Make no mistake. The principles of our Christian faith are under serious attack. Our right to practice our faith freely in the public arena is at stake in this election.
Creech is remarkably comfortable as a lying sack of shit. The last time I checked Free Exercise is still a right afforded to people under our Constitution.
This is no time to be silent — no time to whisper — no time to equivocate. Pastors need to lead their churches with sermons of conviction that direct their people to zealously honor their civic duties. Christians need to demonstrate their faith with good works — to get their Christian brethren registered to vote — to secure absentee ballots if they're going to be away on election day — to take advantage of early voting — to let nothing but death, severe illness, or a terrible emergency prevent them from getting to the polls and casting their vote in support of Governor McCrory and other candidates who are behind HB 2.
The good citizen that he is, Creech is encouraging pastors to electioneer without, I concede, saying it directly. As 501(c)3 tax exempt entities, houses of worship are not permitted to advocate for candidates for office. Yet Creech wants pastors' sermons to do just that. Creech is fooling no one.

I have some hopes for North Carolina in general. However, I have no expectations for anything other than more of the same in Dixie.

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