Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Whatever you say Mr. Moore

No (Roy) Moore
Hate group leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel sent out a new missive today in further defense of the indefensible Roy Moore. According to Liberty Counsel:
Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore issued a statement today urging the unsealing of the case that underlies his motion, which he filed last Monday, for recusal of certain current and former Supreme Court justices. Because that case is sealed, Chief Justice Moore had to put the facts that substantiate his motion into a sealed affidavit viewable only by his fellow justices. The case is No. 1150818, Ex parte Roy S. Moore (In re: Roy S. Moore v. Judicial Inquiry Commission of the State of Alabama).
“I call upon the press to demand that the Alabama Supreme Court unseal Case No. 1150818 and, if necessary, to intervene in that case. The public has a right to know why I have requested that the justices, who participated in that case, be disqualified from playing any role in my appeal. The Court has refused my requests to unseal Case No. 1150818. I ask the Supreme Court and the media to act,” said Chief Justice Moore.
Once again I must confess that I am not conversant in this particular dialect of batshit. Nevertheless, my immediate reaction is “who the hell cares?”

Seriously, Roy Moore has inarguably done precisely what he was accused of doing in that he ordered Alabama's probate judges to defy the Supreme Court of the United States. His unambiguous administrative order is in black and white. Not only his dereliction but sheer incompetence caused his removal from the bench — for the second time. After all, how could any sitting judge conclude that there was any case to be made for disobeying the explicit instructions of the Supreme Court?

Roy Moore got what he deserved in more ways than one. He has had to suffer the consequences of having the ever incompetent Mat Staver as his attorney. Bless them both.

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