Monday, November 7, 2016

AFA & Liberty Counsel remind us why both are "Hate Groups"

Supreme Court of the United States
Monday, the piece in American Family Association's “news” blog is titled: “Transgenderism could reign supreme in Sup. Ct.” According to Charlie Butts, the author of the piece:
A big question remains as to whether the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) can be trusted to make a favorable decision in a transgender case it is considering to preside over.

The court is taking up the case of a 17-year-old girl enrolled at a Virginia high school who wants to be a boy and is seeking the right to use the school’s male facilities.
The case in question is Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. Oral argument will possibly be scheduled for the February sitting of the Court. As for being “trusted” to come to a conclusion that AFA and Liberty Counsel like they are implying that ruling in the alternative demonstrates some form of impropriety simply because they disagree. Why, by the way, is it so difficult for Butts to write the factual truth with the phrase “transgender boy?” Why should anyone trust him? What does that say about his honesty and integrity? It gets worse. Natch.
Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver told OneNewsNow that taking the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court is ridiculous.

“The law is very clear in its intent, and Congress has repeatedly refused to add sexual orientation or gender identity to these non-discrimination categories,” Staver contends. “In fact, to do so, it would literally turn these laws on their heads – if you want to protect women.”
What is “ridiculous” is the claim that all constitutional rights are derived from legislation which is essentially what Staver is claiming. Furthermore, the reason that the case is at the Supreme Court is because the school board lost at the district court. They petitioned the Supreme Court — not Gavin Grimm. Butts goes on to write:
As OneNewsNow has reported, men – or predators – can pretend to be women to gain access to women or girls who they intend to victimize.

SCOTUS has only eight of its nine judges in place, and Staver suggests four of them are prepared to upend the law and open the restrooms to the gender confused.
They have not “reported” anything of the sort. Reporting is a recitation of facts. AFA doesn't do much of that. They have opined (editorialized) something that is not supported by any evidence. Trust in an author requires him to separate fact from opinion. Moreover, according to the literature, trans children are not “confused.” Confusion adheres to people who form opinions through ancient scripture rather than modern science. Are those scientists, by the way, not the creation of their omnipotent god?

After Staver tries to predict an outcome, Butts concludes:
Americans cannot speak directly to the Supreme Court Justices, asking that sanity be maintained and women kept safe. However, the situation underlines the importance of the next president, who will select the ninth justice, and perhaps replace several others while in office.
“Sanity?” Charlie Butts and Mat Staver making a plea for sanity? Those two should avoid using words associated with mental hygiene. And by the way, Gavin is a trans boy. Do we need to keep the other boys safe from him?

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