Monday, November 7, 2016

An Italian priest blames gays - A Jew blames Italians - Both agree that earthquakes are divine judgment

God has a personality disorder

God is pissed off
There must be a snarky caption for this image
On October 30, Father Giovanni Cavalcoli said that the rash of earthquakes are the result of divine judgment for gay civil unions in Italy. The earthquakes have killed hundreds of people while leaving tens of thousands homeless.

Over the weekend, in a radio interview, Cavalcoli claimed that the quakes were a result of “human sins, such as civil unions.” He also advised the Vatican to “go over their catechism” whatever the hell that means.

Meanwhile, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Ayoub Kara asserted last week that the quakes were divine punishment for Italy’s abstention on a Unesco resolution about the status of Jerusalem’s holy sites. Who knew?

So, according to both of these people, if the god that they worship doesn't like something, he takes it out on thousands of innocent people rather than those responsible for doing what he doesn't like. Their god is a sociopath. Does any of this make a whit of common sense?

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