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Another ignoramus weighs in with "Gavin Grimm is not a boy"

Daniel Payne
I have been unable to figure out what Daniel Payne does for a living. He does write some offensive polemics for The Federalist. The full title of this one is: “Gavin Grimm Is Not A Boy, And The Supreme Court Can Never Change That.” The subtitle reads:
What transgender student Gavin Grimm needs is what all mentally ill people need: support, not enabling.
Really? Payne does not seem to have so much as an undergraduate degree.

According to his bio at The Federalist “He studied Italian and English literature at Virginia Commonwealth University.” Daniel Payne does not seem to have an advanced degree in psychology, medicine or any of the social sciences yet he would presume to offer a treatment plan for gender dysphoria which is at odds with the folks who do hold advanced degrees in medicine and psychology. Is it arrogance or religion (or both) that enables Mr. Payne's behavior. I am going to make an educated guess that it is religion that is responsible for his willful ignorance.

Payne writes:
The only way a young woman can believe that she is a young man is if she is mentally unwell. Sadly, this is the course to which much of our journalist class has committed itself: enabling the mental delusions of mentally unwell young men and women.
Actually gender dysphoria (according the experts) is a condition in contrast to a disorder. It is a natural variant of human sexuality. Like sexual orientation, gender is a continuum. Male and female are at its extreme ends. Transgender people are perfectly sane and perfectly well. Their condition has no effect whatsoever on their ability to function in society. What is unwell is transphobia, which is usually the result of a neurotic adherence to incoherent religious dogma.
… we might imagine that real magazines and newspapers would hold themselves to a higher standard, i.e. that they might deal in facts and truth. They should no more be obliged to call Grimm “he” than they should be obliged to call a square a circle, for the obvious reason that squares are not circles and girls are not boys. This is an indisputable fact, something that is not, in any sane society, up for debate.
Payne is right about one thing. Gender is not up for debate — at least it should not be. For all intents and purposes Gavin Grimm is a boy. The fact that he has female genitalia and female chromosomes are irrelevant to his gender identity. That might be hard to understand or accept but it is the honest truth.
Enabling Delusions Is Dangerous

Are we a sane society? It is not at all clear that this is the case—not when the Supreme Court has a fairly decent shot at effectively outlawing biological reality, and not when the central government mandates this kind of mass delusion from on high.
I am not hopeful that the Supreme Court will come to a decision in favor of Grimm but it will not be because the justices do not accept the science regarding gender dysphoria. Rather, I suspect that the first question before the Court regarding the effect of an unpublished departmental memo without the force of law will not pass muster. I sincerely hope that I am dead wrong. I will be quite pleased to write about my fuck-up.
Grimm herself seems to be at least partially aware, if only unconsciously, of the reality of her delusion. In responding to the school district’s offer of a unisex bathroom for her private use, she said: “I’m not unisex.” This is entirely true—but it also underscores the fundamental absurdity of the entire trans proposition. If biological sex indeed doesn’t matter, as trans advocates insist, then a private bathroom is by definition a perfect accommodation. And if biological sex does matter, then there is zero reason for Grimm to use the boy’s restroom and many for her to use the girl’s.
Gavin is not delusional and he is not unisex. Gavin Grimm is a boy. He has letters from experts in medicine and psychology attesting to that fact. Mr. Payne has no expertise nor training in this matter. Religious ideology does not always (or usually, perhaps) depict the truth and it is not supposed to influence public policy. Payne is also mischaracterizing the issue. Chromosomal sex does matter for most people. However, a very small percentage of the population has gender dysphoria. For those few people it is gender that matters. Why is this so difficult to understand? It is the belief that transgender people don't exist that is delusional.
This delusion is baffling, but it is also, in the end, heartbreaking. While there is a profound wackiness to much of transgender ideology—the ever-evolving pronoun game, the bizarre legal ramifications, the absurd, comically parodic activism—at the heart of this entire sad charade, at the end of every court case and bathroom battle and deluded media groupthink is the same thing: a person who is desperately sick and who needs a society and a culture unwilling to indulge and reinforce the sickness.
Transgender as an ideology, Now where have I heard that before. Oh, right, it is one of the pope's favorite hobby horses. Correct pronouns are not a “game.” In polite society we address people as they choose to be addressed. And I loathe religious people who astonishingly accuse others of “group-think.” One more time. According to medical and psychological science transgender people are not sick. What is “sick” is the effort to marginalize them because they are different.
The transgender zeitgeist thrives off such indulgence, to the detriment of transgender people themselves. The strange cultural genuflections of transgenderism—the pregnant men, the forced acceptance of transgender ideology, the myriad other ways in which this phenomenon manifests itself—are merely symptoms of the larger problem, namely: we are ignoring a serious medical condition and instead indulging in a fantasy. That we do this in the name of “progress” makes it all the more bizarre, and all the more infuriating.
At this point I am done. There is more to this exploration of stupidity but Payne is nonsensical and presumably a conservative Christian. It comes across in his choice of words. He is perfectly willing to substitute the judgment of theologians — lacking in scientific training — for the scientists and clinicians who have devoted years of study on human sexuality. Payne, who doesn't seem to have a baccalaureate writes about “a serious medical condition.” That is what is infuriating. It is also “bizarre.”

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