Friday, November 18, 2016

Brian Brown: "Help NOM make America Great Again"

Brian S. Brown
So I have this email from hate group leader Brian S. Brown. Brown has concocted another reason for people to provide National Organization for Marriage with money — grist for the mill. This missive is titled “Help NOM Make America Great Again.”

According to Brown:
NOM can play a powerful role in helping make America great again by mobilizing our supporters, expanding our coalition and serving as a voice for the truth of traditional moral values. You see, to a very large degree, making American great again means making American families strong again. It means promoting the truth of marriage. It means helping ensure that children receive the love of their mother and father. It means that the truth of gender be respected, and promoted, not ignored and redefined. It means that religious liberty and the faith-principles that undergird <sic> our constitution be restored.
The message is simple: America will be a greater nation if we upend marriage equality; conform the science of human sexuality to the teachings of the Catholic Church; and give people the liberty to discriminate against LGBT citizens because the Catholic Church does not approve of LGBT people. Brown suggests that the right to discriminate is afforded by the Constitution.

Where are the consequences? 

Just to be clear, “the truth of traditional moral values” means the beliefs of the eunuchs in Rome. Personally I think that discrimination because people are gay or transgender is extremely immoral.

Other than the disapproval of the Vatican, exactly why should the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges be overturned. More children now have the security of married parents and gays make a commitment in contrast to shacking up. Gay couples can also do the estate planning that everyone else is able to do. What has happened as a result of marriage equality that is so awful?

Other than the disapproval of the Vatican, exactly why should we not treat transgender people equally and with respect? Why should we embrace what is sheer crackpottery at odds with medical science? What has happened that is so awful and stems from treating transgender people as full citizens?

Historically, we have always been a greater nation as we incrementally eliminated discrimination. Never as quickly as we would like but always a benefit to the country. The fact that the Church sponsors this particular form of discrimination doesn't make it any less odious. Whether promoted by the Klan or the Catholic Church, discrimination is discrimination and it is repugnant.

I am certain that you all know where Brown's rhetoric is headed:
But for us to succeed, we need your help. That's why I am asking you to make a financial contribution to ensure that our work can not only continue, but expand to meet the opportunities and challenges we now face. Will you consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100, $250 or even $500 or more?
Money down the crapper
That follows with the usual matching donor scam that Brown should be ashamed of. Now that NOM has provided the tax return for NOM Education Fund, I am working up some amusing numbers. At this point donors are idiots if they believe that NOM makes any kind of difference.

My theory is that the non-profits that are really raking in the dough are those opposed to the Trump agenda.

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