Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cardinal Wim Eijk explains it all for you

Cardinal Wim Eijk
A group of theologians, with no training whatsoever in human sexuality, presumes to explain how gender identity works. If any group was deserving of ridicule it is these people. According to CNS News: “ Dutch cardinal says papal encyclical on gender theory might be needed.”
Cardinal Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands, said a papal encyclical or other magisterial document “might appear to be necessary” to counter the spread of the new theory that gender can be determined by personal choice rather than by biology.
That is intellectually dishonest begging the question; more simply known as “bullshit.” There is no theory that I am aware of on behalf of a qualified scientist that gender identity is a matter of “personal choice.” Who on earth would willingly choose to be the object of ridicule? This all has a very familiar texture to it. 20 years ago — perhaps less — they were openly saying the same thing about gay people. These days the belief probably remains the same but they are a bit more circumspect.

Making matters worse is the fact that this cardinal used to be a medical doctor (supposedly) before he became a priest. He hasn't practiced medicine in over 30 years so there is no way to know what he knows. He knows seemingly nothing about human sexuality. Presumably he knows what he doesn't know and that makes him arrogant.
He said even Catholic parents were beginning to accept that their own children can choose their genders partly because “they don't hear anything else.”
These people are dangerous. At the behest of a pampered prelate they could make decisions that should be made in consultation with real professionals like psychiatrists and other clinicians who possess the necessary and current training to be authoritative. These priests should have the humility to accept that they are rank amateurs when it comes to human sexuality. Instead we get harmful arrogance — and it is harmful to parents and children.

Somewhere along the line they probably give themselves some social insulation with a self-serving disclaimer that people who are “gender confused” should be treated with dignity. Trans people cannot be treated with dignity by people who assert that they are either confused or pretending. Dignity and bullshit are mutually exclusive.

Some would say that the Catholic Church is an easy target for criticism. If that's the case then who is to blame? The Church or the critics?

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