Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hate group leader: Happy Thanksgiving - send money

That was the message this afternoon in an email from Brian S. Brown, leader of World Congress of Families. Fuck you Brown. My brain hurts.

Happy thanksgiving!

This probably does it for me today. I am serious — My brain really does hurt. Donald Trump's election has really done me in. This in spite of the fact that Hillary Clinton now has a 2 million vote lead in the popular vote. Today we learn that scientists have some evidence of miscounts or hacked machines in several swing states. I haven't delved into it for the details because I doubt that Sec. Clinton will take action at this point.

My sister, an attorney in Los Angeles, wrote the following in the Los Angeles Times:
DENIAL - As I watched the returns I kept thinking it must be a mistake - surely the Democrats will come out in force and create a surge. After all, the country could never elect a vulgar, racist, misogynistic demagogue to lead the free world.

ANGER - The Republican attack machine made Clinton into a corrupt, criminal bitch with no evidence to support their charges. I am angry that the majority of Trump voters who had little education fell for the populism, xenophobia and bullying reminiscent of Adolf Hitler that propelled Trump to power. I am angry that blue collar White men and their sidekick women are hanging on to the illusion that White America will prevail in the long run when all the demographics say otherwise. This is their last hurrah but what a hurrah. I am angry that some portion of the "Bernie or Bust” contingent didn’t support Clinton. I am angry that so many important issues are on the table: climate change; health care; the Iran nuclear deal; LGBTQ rights; trade agreements; immigration and abortion rights to name just the ones that come quickly to mind.

BARGAINING - I am trying to believe that to some extent the office makes the man and maybe once Trump has achieved his wildest dream he may revert to some of the more liberal views he held in the past. Maybe he really means it when he says he wants to bring the country together.

DEPRESSION - I am trying to find things to feel good about but it’s not easy. I love my children and grandchildren and even my dog but although they give me some comfort it’s not enough to dispel the black cloud that’s following me around

ACCEPTANCE - I don’t think I will ever get there.
Sounds about right.

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