Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hate group leader sees ominous signs from Canada

Brian S. Brown
On Wednesday evening, Brian S. Brown — on behalf of World Congress of Families — sent out an email titled “Warning signs from Canada.” These days the rhetoric from World Congress of Families and Brown's other gig at National Organization for Marriage are indistinguishable. The reason is obvious. Brown's perspective is shaped solely by the teachings of the Catholic Church. The return domain of the email becomes irrelevant.

According to Mr. Brown:
… we highlight a couple of developments in Canada which provide some perspective to other countries when it comes to the interplay between traditional Christian morality, common sense and the LGBT Community. Canada is much further down the road of dealing with the fallout of redefining marriage and efforts to redefine gender, and more of the societal consequences are visible there.
Really? According to my understanding, “fallout” is comparable to consequences. Canada has recognized same-sex marriage since 2005. What, exactly, are the consequences? Brown has a penchant for begging the question. Recognizing that a small minority of people have gender dysphoria does not equate to “redefin[ing] gender.”

I am more interested to learn what “societal consequences are visible” in Canada.
For example, a Toronto university professor is being viciously targeted by activists for refusing to refer to transgender students using nonsensical pronouns like 'ze' and 'hir,' while a Christian law school wins an important legal case against a law society that sought to deny the school accreditation because of its adherence to biblical morality. The Canadian experience makes it clear that once the LGBT agenda advances, its advocates will tolerate no dissent or disagreement.
Oh dear. Another victim. That's the best he can do when it comes to fallout? In this case that Toronto academic (Jordan Petersen) is a victim of his own stupidity and lack of social graces. In polite society, according to commonly accepted mores, we address people as they choose to be addressed. This schmuck insists on applying a theological precept to the few students he might interact with that have gender dysphoria. He is trying to make a point. We get it. He wants the right to be a rude jerk. He probably should have that right. However, he must accept the consequences of being a boor.

So, just to summarize, the fallout is not the result of any LGBT agenda. The fallout follows the professors crude and insulting behavior.

Brown is also projecting. When it comes to organizations that “will tolerate no dissent or disagreement” I give you the Catholic Church. How many teachers have been fired by Catholic schools for being gay?

No one gives a rat's ass what this professor thinks about trans people. His dissent or disagreement is apparently with medical science although Petersen has framed the issue as a free speech right — a refutation of overreaching political correctness. On the other hand, his employer, the University of Toronto, has a right to require him to treat students with respect.

I do not think that treating people respectfully in the context of professor and students is overreaching PC. The professor has all the power and his behavior may shape the behaviors of his students. A transgender student is presumed to have diminished ego-strengths at this point in their life. It seems inexcusable to make things more difficult for them.

As for Mr. Brown, the omen from Canada is that, as a society, we want to treat people fairly. Brown is free to believe in the majesty of Naugahyde for all I care. We just ask him not to impose his religious beliefs on society.

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