Friday, November 11, 2016

Nope - Uhuh - The feds are NOT "forcing doctors to perform sex changes on kids"

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American Family Association's “news” blog is running a story — again — about a preposterous lawsuit from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.  The headline reads: “Feds forcing doctors to perform sex changes on kids.” According to the hate group's writer, Charlie Butts:
The Becket Fund has filed the lawsuit on behalf of the state of North Dakota, several hospitals, a university and various health clinics to curb Washington’s promotion of transgenderism that ultimately leads to gender confusion.
Butts is making certain that American Family Association remains an official, SPLC-designated hate group in perpetuity. Charlie Butts' odious idiocy makes my hair hurt. “Gender confusion?” Exactly who is “promoting” transgenderism and how are they doing so?
Becket Fund General Counsel Luke Goodrich argues that the lawsuit is necessary to keep the federal officials from pushing its homosexual agenda – and ruining youths’ lives.

“This lawsuit is about a new government mandate that forces doctors to perform gender transition procedures on young children – even when those procedures may by physically and emotionally harmful to the child, and even when the procedures violate the doctor’s best medical judgment,” Goodrich points out.
Children are not candidates for gender affirming surgery so let's get that off the table. Specialists may provide puberty blockers and hormones bu they do so with extreme caution. What this is really all about is that HHS now defines sex to include gender identity. Becket contends that this creates a mandate for physicians to perform gender affirming surgery or administer hormones against their medical judgment and religious beliefs.

Frankly, I do not see the connection between acknowledging that there are people with gender dysphoria and requiring physicians to perform medical procedures associated with gender dysphoria — including hormone therapies. The bridge just isn't there. The intent of HHS is nondiscrimination. Physicians are supposed to treat transgender patients as they would treat anyone else.

Clinicians who work with transgender people are highly specialized. Obviously (it should be obvious even to a fuckwit like Charlie Butts) these folks have no ethical issues in treating trans kids or they wouldn't specialize in doing so. Others physicians have no exposure to the issue since they do not specialize in this treatment. My ophthalmologist can be a pain in the ass but he doesn't do colonoscopies.

Case in point is Johns Hopkins which ceased doing gender affirming surgery decades ago. They recently decided to provide the service again but not because of anything that HHS has done. They did so as part of the “university's unequivocal and profound commitment to the LGBTQ community.” No one threatened to sue Johns Hopkins because they did not offer the surgery.

This is strikingly similar to the refrain about public accommodations refusing service to gay couples. Some moron will always ask if a Jew is required to serve bacon. No, stupid, it's not on the menu. Nondiscrimination applies only to goods and services that an establishment actually provides.

It seems that, recently, any effort to treat transgender people fairly creates insanity in certain quarters. Psychiatrists have a new disorder to treat. It is called Gender dysphoria derangement syndrome or GoDDS.

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