Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Something positive that you can all do that will make a difference

Trust me when I say that we all know people who must feel worse this morning than we do. It might be someone at a state equality group or a committed Clinton volunteer. It might be a state legislator or a public official.

Today is a good day to thank them for their efforts. Today is a good day for sincere (now is not the time for BS) compliments. Make sure that you tell people why you are making the compliment. For (simple) example; “That's a nice tie” doesn't work. “That's a nice tie because it goes so well with your suit” is what you should strive for.

I am working my way through my list and doing so making me feel better too. It is the reality of knowing just how many good people there are.

Brian Brown made a snotty comment on Twitter. Ryan Anderson is at it too. I made a conscious choice to ignore them. There will be plenty of better times to tell them what fucking imbeciles they are. Today I want to focus on positive energy whenever possible. I feel like shit but dwelling on it is pointless.

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