Wednesday, November 9, 2016


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It's going to take some time to come to terms with — to process — a prospective Trump presidency. With Republicans also controlling both houses of Congress all of the progress that LGBT citizens have made over the past eight years is in peril. We also face the possibility of a complete loss of a fair Supreme Court for decades.

How this happened is now irrelevant. While Democrats need to figure out how to approach the 2018 midterm elections and then 2020, we have the more sober task of figuring out how to protect our families and even our safety. My hope is that Democrats learned something from Republicans about how to frustrate and obstruct a president. GOPers were effective when Democrats had complete control of Congress.

Also irrelevant are all of the crazy things that Trump said during the campaign. While his banter was disqualifying, what matters now is what he does and what he plans to do. Will he build a cabinet around people like Pence and Bannon? Rudy?

Park your anger. I am filled with fury but that's not going to do us any good. The ultimate circuit breaker in out democracy is the will of the people. Our task is to shape that will and that is no easy task. The Human Rights Campaign is largely ineffective and incompetent. I have heard that Chad Griffin hates the job and it shows. That is a subject for a different post. Suffice it to say, we cannot rely on HRC.

I cannot claim that I can appreciate a glass half full. Maybe tomorrow. Yet, we survived both Nixon and George W. Bush. We will survive this too.

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