Saturday, November 5, 2016

Today NOM claims to be the victim of bullying

Research demonstrates who is getting bullied
Today's missive from Brian S. Brown, leader of the anti-LGBT group, National Organization for Marriage is titled: “stopping bullies.” The latest pretension from Brown is to not use capital letters in the titles of his communiques. It's all very creative. Before I continue I should note that until the Catholic Church condemns some of this BS, they own it. The Church will continue to be perceived as the world's largest hate group.

Every day in America beautiful LGBT children come home bloody from physical bullying. Many more are subject to bullying through withering verbal abuse which takes a toll on young, already fragile egos. Studies show that the kids who do the bullying are equally damaged. So when NOM trots out an intellectually dishonest meme about bullying in order to sucker the faithful into paying for Brian Brown's lunch well, … it pisses me off.

Irrespective of how idiotic the theme is and how idiotically it is employed, I am not amused:
LGBT activists and the left often talk about the need to reduce bullying as a means of justifying their extreme agenda. They want to play on the emotions of the American people to portray gays, lesbians and the transgender as victims of intolerance and harassment. But the reality is much different — it's believers in traditional values and morality who are victims of bullying, often by activists in the LGBT community.
I think any rational person believes that we want to reduce bullying because of how harmful it is to children. The idea that it is a means of justifying an agenda is ridiculous. I have to wonder if any of Brown's children are bullies because they listen to this moronic crap — Brown's agenda — day in and day out. Brown and his ilk claim that they are being bullied whenever they are prevented from discriminating against LGBT citizens. It is the bizarre world of these people where up is down and left is right.
NOM is at the forefront of the effort to protect Christians and other people of faith from being discriminated against simply for standing for the truth of marriage, gender and religious liberty.
Even NOM's supporters, as lacking in critical thinking as they are, must be questioning that nonsense. Even they know what's coming next:
We are also at the forefront of the effort to fight President Obama, Hillary Clinton, LGBT extremists and their allies in big corporations and Hollywood from redefining gender and allowing men, including convicted sex offenders and pedophiles, from gaining access to intimate facilities like bathrooms and showers that are reserved for girls and women.

We are making great progress and are on a path toward victory.
“Convicted sex offenders and pedophiles.” Really? Because that has been the experience? “Forefront” is defined as the leading or most important position or place. That level of anti-trans hate is coming from Alliance Defending Freedom, not NOM.
We have a real opportunity to advance the First Amendment Defense Act this fall after the election.
If the Church won't condemn the hate speech how about the grift? FADA has no chance of ever becoming law. It is unconstitutional per se which is why it cannot even get out of committee.
And just last week, we won a tremendous victory when the US Supreme Court agreed with our request to accept the G.G. case, giving us the opportunity to defeat the dangerous gender agenda being advanced by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and LGBT extremists.

NOM filed a brief with the Supreme Court asking them to accept the G.G. case, and now that this case will be decided by our country's highest court, we can put an end to attempts by the left to redefine "sex" under federal law to mean "gender identity" and then declare it "discrimination" to prevent someone who "identifies" as the opposite gender from accessing intimate facilities like showers and locker room reserved for that gender.
It is unlikely that NOM's amicus brief had anything to do with the Court agreeing to accept the case. That became obvious when it ruled to stay the lower court's injunction pending its own deliberations. It is even more unlikely that an edited and re-submitted amicus brief (which is all that NOM can do) will have any effect on the outcome. There will be countless briefs from both sides of the argument.
But we can't protect the right of Americans to believe in marriage and defend the reality of gender without the financial resources we need to be effective. Please help us capitalize on the opportunities before us by making a financial contribution today of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or $500 or more. …
Because NOM has been so spectacularly successful in the past.

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