Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Todd Starnes really is rather dim-witted

Todd Starnes
Tuesday, Todd Starnes — Fox News culture warrior — writes: “Christians Take Major Victory in Atheists' War on Christmas.” Starnes is no fan of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an organization that aggressively resists the idea that we are a “Christian Nation™.”  If he had things his way, Starnes would prefer a Christian theocracy free of critical thinkers. According to Starnes:
The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a motley crew of atheists, agnostics and free-thinkers just got a lump of coal in their Christmas stockings.
And just what is this “major victory?”
WXXM, the progressive talk radio station in Madison, Wisconsin, has flipped formats—leaving the uber-liberal city without a place to converse about micro-aggressions, plot protest marches or swap quinoa recipes.
Among the shows given the heave-ho as a result of the format change was “Freethought Radio,” a show hosted by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
Mr. Starnes should consider that, unlike religious organizations, preaching to the choir is not an essential element of activism. Freedom From Religion Foundation get results by challenging those who do not respect the separation of church and state. If necessary, it does so in court. Much of the time they win. There are, by the way, religious people who embrace the concept that the best way to protect religious freedom is by respecting the Establishment Clause within the First Amendment.

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