Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump, Bannon, Obergefell and Roe

Stephen K. Bannon
Donald Trump's Karl Rove — It makes me so proud
Sunday night John Oliver described waves of nausea over Trump. I am experiencing waves of searing anger. The anger is coupled with nausea when I attempt to envision a gay person, with the intellect of a salamander, voting for Trump. Millennials who voted for Gary Johnson over weed or who thought that tweeting was the equal of voting are white hot on my anger diorama.

The creep factor is also settling in. Trump is creepy. Trump's two sons are even creepier. Neither seems to be very bright. Mike Pence is creepy. Ken Blackwell is even creepier. Steve Bannon is creepier than even Blackwell.

Stephen K. Bannon will have an office in the White House

Bannon has been appointed chief strategist. Outsiders believe that Bannon is the political equal of Reince Prebus, the chief of staff appointee. A racist, anti-Semitic white nationalist will have a desk within steps of Trump at our expense. It is really disgraceful. Bannon must have told Donald he was the handsomest man on the planet every day. Trump's response: “I know.”

Same-sex marriage is settled?

Trump claimed on 60 minutes that Obergefell v. Hodges settled the issue of marriage, “I'm fine with that.” Trump's views of marriage equality are somewhat irrelevant. Moreover, Trump is a pathological liar and his statements have nothing to do with policy. Since the spring of 2015, Trump has said whatever crazy thing makes sense to him at that moment. He has multiple positions on just about everything. We are going to have to see what kinds of Christian crazies Trump tries to nominate to the Supreme Court. Another Pence or two?

When Trump released that list of potential nominees (with Scalia as paradigm) it was to woo evangelical Christians. It now means nothing. He will soon learn that, with 51 or 52 Senate seats in GOP control, Democrats are going to have a thing or two to say about justices of the Supreme Court.

Scalia's “originalism” was nothing more than code for “I am a Republican agent of the Catholic Church.” On that premise Brown v. Board of Education was wrongly decided when it desegregated the schools. Loving v. Virginia was similarly the wrong-headed idea of activist judges.

Yet, reproductive choice is not settled

Apparently Trump wants Roe v. Wade to be overturned. Trump's attitude regarding Roe v. Wade should make us cautious about his attitude towards Obergefell v. Hodges. In truth, both issues have been settled by the Supreme Court. Trump claimed (at least for Sunday) that abortion was an issue for the states which would mean that red states could defy the Establishment Clause and criminalize abortion for the Catholic Church and whatever Franklin Graham's constituency is these days.

What these laws would do is to punish poorer women — those who cannot afford a visit to Planned Parenthood in a blue state for a few days.

A campaign without specifics is now a transition without specifics. Soon it will be an administration with more rhetoric than specifics. Will there ever be a gay staffer?

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