Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What assurance do we have that we had an honest election count?

I truly hope that this post does not relegate me to the status of conspiracy theorist. I am not positing a conspiracy theory. In contrast I have a question that I believe is reasonable. Consider the following:
  • Trump's election was the biggest upset since Truman defeated Dewey.
  • Election results were overwhelmingly at odds of opinion polls that have proved reasonably accurate in the past.
  • Election results (particularly in Florida) were at odds with exit polls.
  • Russia hacked US servers in order to provide Wikileaks with emails for the purpose of influencing the election in favor of Trump.
  • An unrelated event occurred a few weeks prior to the election when a major hack of the “Internet of Things” brought down a major DNS provider and a large swath of the Internet. These “things” are the appliances and other devices other than computers and smartphones that are connected to the net.
  • I mention the above because voting machines are also the kind of “things” that can be hacked.
It seems fair and reasonable to ask whether or not our presidential election was fairly decided.

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