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You would think that a professor of psychiatry would know better - UPDATED with university comments

According to Dr. Richard B. Corradi; “‘Transgenderism’ Is Mass Hysteria Similar To 1980s-Era Junk Science. the subtitle of his polemic at The Federalist reads: “The movement’s philosophy qualifies it as a popular delusion similar to the multiple-personality craze, and the ‘satanic ritual abuse’ and ‘recovered memory’ hysterias of the 1980s and 90s.” Corradi should simply come out and say that he believes the pope over his own peer organization and a mountain of peer-reviewed research. If there is a “popular delusion” it would be that the Church has insight into human sexuality that is lacking in medical professionals — except for Dr. Corradi of course and maybe Paul McHugh.
Consider the remarkable phenomenon of transgenderism. A disorder of gender identity that afflicts a minuscule number of Americans has become a polarizing cultural cause celebre. Its influence—in capturing public attention and demanding social change—has been extraordinary, out of all proportion to the numbers of the gender-dissatisfied.
First of all, the American Psychiatric Association does not consider being transgender a disorder. The correct description is gender dysphoria. Corradi is correct that it affects a very small number of individuals. And, yes, it has caught public attention. Part of that is probably due to the embrace of the gay community. Referring to transgender individuals as “gender dissatisfied” is a smear. He is suggesting that gender dysphoria has an element of choice and that it is somewhat insignificant. What he is really saying is that being transgender is a disorder of self-delusion.
While the political left has fully embraced the transgender agenda as a “civil right” opposed by only the bigoted and hateful, many people see the movement as a concerted attack on traditional social mores and customs, an “in your face” assault on conventional standards, practices, and morality.
The “many people” who see this an some sort of “attack” are simply misinformed by people like Corradi and various religious figures who want science to conform to scripture. The “agenda” is for transgender people to be treated fairly in employment, housing and public accommodations. They should also be treated with respect rather than derision. Moreover, every transgender person was a transgender child.

Research demonstrates that the earlier in life people transition the better off they will be. The objective is to allow kids to be who they are while still allowing for gender fluidity. Experienced clinicians understand the delicate balance.
Clearly, the transgender phenomenon is the tip of the spear of the LGBT movement, greatly energized by the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage that includes in the definition of liberty the right of people to “define and express their identity.” For the LGBT movement this literally includes the right to decide one’s gender, to claim the rights of an alternative gender (since gender is malleable, there are choices other than simply male or female), have the choice acknowledged by society as a civil right, and ultimately become accepted as a conventional lifestyle.
This really isn't some conspiracy designed to make Dr. Corradi, or anyone else, miserable. The ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges had little, if any, effect on trans activism — at least none that has a demonstrable correlate. And, again, Corradi is insisting that there is a voluntary component to this. He really should know that gender is not binary. There are people at every point along the continuum of gender.
However, transgenderism as a normative lifestyle may be a hard sell. While fair-minded people can agree that gays or people with gender confusion should not be discriminated against, the general public doesn’t appear to be ready to accept gender as simply a social construct or that people can be whatever gender they choose. These contentions, the conceptual foundation of transgenderism, fly in the face of reality: the biological difference between the sexes.
“Normative” and “gender confusion.” Now where have we heard this phrasing before? Where pray tell? Note that he is lumping gay people into the narrative. Furthermore, public acceptance is not relevant to the condition. Any lack of public acceptance is due to ignorance which would not exist were it not for people who insist that being transgender is either pretense or confusion. And who do we blame for that?
The Contagion of Mass Delusion

Transgenderism would refute the natural laws of biology and transmute human nature. The movement’s philosophical foundation qualifies it as a popular delusion similar to the multiple-personality craze, and the widespread “satanic ritual abuse” and “recovered memory” hysterias of the 1980s and ‘90s. These last two involved bizarre accusations of child abuse and resulted in the prosecution and ruined lives of the falsely accused.
A condition is not a movement. I have looked at Corradi's research. None of it seems to involve human sexuality. Here is an interesting title: The parish clergy as a mental health resource. This thing goes on and on. I will not. We have seen it all before as the talking points of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. While I respect academic freedom this calls into question the attitudes of a tenured full professor. It also makes me wonder what he is teaching students. I have sent notes to the dean of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine as well as the chair of the psychiatry department.


This is the comment of Dr. Robert Ronis who is the head of the psychiatry department as Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine:
Dr. Corradi is an 80-some year old psychoanalyst who was with the department for many years, but retired from practice more than a decade ago:   As your note suggests, protections of academic freedom and general freedom of speech allow him to espouse his views, and while I intend to consult with our faculty affairs office I imagine that as an emeritus faculty member he may continue to identify himself with our university, but please be assured that his views in this matter are in no manner shared by this department or by Case Western Reserve, or as the article clearly states the American Psychiatric Association or mainstream psychiatry.  I appreciate your vigilance and will follow up accordingly.   

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