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AFA on National Geographic - "Advocates for sexual deviancy"

National Geographic on gender
Tuesday, American Family Association has met my expectations for batshittery over a transgender girl on the cover of National Geographic. The hate group's leader, Tim Wildmon, has sent out an email to supporters titled: “National Geographic exploits children to further an agenda.”
Last week, National Geographic announced their January edition would feature a nine year old boy who wants to be perceived as a girl. The magazine’s editor wrote, “She has lived as an openly transgender girl since age 5, and she captured the complexity of the conversation around gender. Today, we're not only talking about gender roles for boys and girls—we're talking about our evolving understanding of people on the gender spectrum.”
Missing from Wildmon's quote is the following sentences which add some context:
The portraits of all the children are beautiful. We especially loved the portrait of Avery—strong and proud. We thought that, in a glance, she summed up the concept of “Gender Revolution.”
Wildmon continues (emphasis added):
Advocates for sexual deviancy have quickly moved from using adults to promote their agenda to exploiting children as the face of their cause.
Ah yes, what's life without an agenda to demonize? It seems to me that the agenda of National Geographic was to explore the role of gender in children. That excursion would be incomplete in the absence of a trans kid.
Susan Goldberg, the National Geographic editor, should be ashamed of herself for using a young child in such an abusive manner. The overwhelming majority of doctors and psychiatrists label what this child is going through as "gender dysphoria" and National Geographic is lauding it as "beautiful."
Thank you “Dr.” Wildmon. Yes, the girl has gender dysphoria. “The overwhelming majority of doctors and psychiatrists” would concur that the best approach is to allow her to be who she is. In spite of folks like Wildmon and his hate group, Avery seems to have developed healthy ego strengths.
Studies show that roughly 40% of those who identify as transgender end up attempting suicide. Is this a lifestyle that should be lauded?
The Minority Stress Model at work. Based solely on common sense, which is more likely to increase stress and accompanying suicides; the demonization by AFA or acceptance as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics? Either way, she is still going to have gender dysphoria. AFA seems to absurdly suggest that National Geographic is going to cause children to experience gender dysphoria because Avery is on their cover. Wildmon's chandelier is missing a few light bulbs.
From the beginning of mankind there have been two sexes: male and female. Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them.”
And there you have it. Life according to Bronze Age chronicles of dubious provenance. The same author(s) claimed that the sun and moon were both lights. They also suggest that the sun and moon were part of earth's environment, failing to understand the nature of other planets and galaxies. Their god supposedly created the sun after he created plants. Were women created in the first or second chapter of genesis? The texts are contradictory.
National Geographic is the latest print media company to abandon what it does best to foist a lifestyle in the American public that the medical community identifies as unhealthy. Imagine the pain and psychological trauma gender dysphoria causes children and adults. Rather than abandoning geography to shame Americans into embracing such a lifestyle, we should be helping individuals who struggle with this disorder. That is, helping confused individuals accept their wonderfully crafted and God-given biology.
These nitwits are trying to reconfigure their anti-gay talking points to fit gender identity and they do so rather poorly. Not only does the medical community not identify gender dysphoria as an unhealthy lifestyle, it doesn't identify gender dysphoria as a lifestyle at all. Imagine the discomfort that transgender people experience (discomfort is what a dysphoria is). Quoting scripture only serves to heighten that discomfort. Given the opportunity, Tim Wildmon will customarily demonstrate his spectacular stupidity. There is no known medical intervention to make transgender people cisgender. What does Tim have in mind? Prayer? A link in the email (before the one to send AFA money) goes to a monoric nastygram for National Geographic's editor:
I am offended by your choice to place a young child that is struggling with gender dysphoria on the cover of your January edition. Out of all of the “transgender” adults you could have chosen as your feature, you chose to exploit a young boy. Your entire feature focuses specifically on children, which is exploitation at its worst.

From the beginning of mankind there have been only two sexes: male and female. No child should be used to push an unnatural social agenda. I am asking that you publicly apologize for taking advantage of these children in this manner and commit to avoiding similar actions in the future.
They obviously did not read or understand the piece. This project was about children not transgender people. I sure that Ms. Goldberg will apologize — when Tim's Hell freezes over. A year ago, 21st Century Fox, a division of News Corp., acquired control of National Geographic.

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