Monday, December 19, 2016

Brian S. Brown's needs are a tad more modest

Brian S. Brown
Earlier I wrote that Tony Perkins needs close to $1 million by year's end. However, Brian S. Brown, writing on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is only looking for $20,000 this week:
We have less than two weeks left to take advantage of the $100,000 year-end matching opportunity made available by a group of generous donors, and we are very far behind. Thus far, we have only raised $57,093, leaving us $43,000 short of our goal.
We urgently need to raise $20,000 by Christmas to get on track to meet our goal. Will you make a special contribution to NOM this week to ensure we take full advantage of this amazing $100,000 matching gift opportunity? Please give generously; all donations will be matched!
By now you should all understand the matching donor scam. It is just a restructuring of a donation that the donor intended to give anyway. In other words it is a dishonest appeal. Shocking I know.

Keep in mind that all of these conservative social and religious issues charities are chasing after the same buck from the same people. Family Research Council is NOM's competitor. In fact, Brown now runs two competing organizations that are starting to melt together.
This is the most critical period of the year for us, where we depend on the generosity of our supporters to enable us to pursue our work. We normally raise 50% of our annual budget in the final month of the year, which is why I am so concerned that we are behind.

But I have confidence that you and other supporters will rally to our cause and support our work at this critical time.
Please make a generous contribution today so that NOM has the funding we need to continue the fight for marriage, gender and religious liberty. Thank you for your support.
Brown needs an editor. It is not “where” in the first paragraph. It is “when.” Brown is fighting for gender. What he means is the imposition of the Catholic Church's superstition regarding gender identity. Marriage is settled. So is religious liberty for that matter. It is protected by the Free Exercise clause within the First Amendment. What exactly does Brown do with this money (other than paying Brown)? What have they accomplished that would make anyone want to chip in? Perhaps one needs to be a Defender of the Faith© to understand.

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