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Doug Mainwaring - the miserable fag might also be gender dysphoric

Doug Mainwaring testifying against marriage equality
Doug Mainwaring, you probably recall, is the Tea Party guy who allowed himself to be schlepped from venue to venue by National Organization for Marriage as “the gay man who is opposed to gay marriage.” Mainwaring, a conservative Catholic and not very bright, made a public show of “leaving the homosexual lifestyle” to resume living with his wife for the benefit of the kids. I suppose that he deserves some measure of credit for not claiming to have prayed away the gay although I couldn't care less about where his penis has, or has not, been. Yes, yes, I am assuming that he still has the appendage. I decided to spare you all by erasing the rest of this paragraph.

Thursday at Witherspoon Institute's blog Mainwaring provides: “The Battle Belongs to the Grassroots: This Is Our Moment.” I can scarcely control my enthusiasm. I will get to the revelations but I want to deal with this thing in the order it is presented.
President-elect Trump has done what no one else has been able to do: he has slain the dragon of political correctness. Trump has cleared out the minefield and disarmed the booby traps that once allowed the advancement of progressivism to go on unimpeded. The aim of political correctness has always been undermining faith and family—the two things that stand as the greatest barriers between individual citizens and an unchecked statist government. As the Little Sisters of the Poor can attest, religious liberty and traditional morality have been heavily targeted in recent years.
No. The aim of what people call political correctness is to maintain what we refer to as “polite society.” Political correctness means to avoid forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against. What the fuck is wrong with that? While I would ridicule political correctness to the extreme that does not seem to be the case when LGBT people expect to be treated decently by decent people.

The absence of political correctness results in words and deeds that are crude, coarse, impolite and indecent — which pretty much describes Donald Trump. With some help from James Comey and Vladimir Putin he was able to exploit this indecency (and his many supporters who will ultimately regret having supported him) to an electoral college victory. Over the next four years our country will be the worse for this coarseness, crudeness and indecency. Did I mention that Mr. Mainwaring is not terribly bright.
Concerning an immediate impact of Donald Trump, former Vice President Dick Cheney summed things up rather nicely during a panel discussion with CNN's Barbara Starr at the Reagan Library. Speaking about the now diminished role of the press, where tweets have replaced interfacing with the press, Cheney said Trump has taken us to “the point where we don't need you guys any more.”
Except that is idiotic. The press has access to people and places that we do not. The press also employs experts who help to explain the news. The New York Times, for example, employs Paul Krugman. Krugman has a PhD from M.I.T. and he is a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. To suggest that Trump's moronic tweets displace the need for a vigilant press is absurd. We need them now more than ever. The guy who will be in charge is an erratic sociopath.

Apparently Mr. Mainwaring has been victimize — stifled — by something or someone:
Nonetheless, our challenge now is to take advantage of the opening that Donald Trump has created. We must accept the fact that the field has indeed been cleared, and we should no longer be afraid to express unpopular truths, whether in national media, at work, at school, or around the dinner table.
The victimization becomes clearer:
In February, 2015, I found myself in a discussion group with a dozen highly successful Catholic businessmen….

One morning, when the topic of same-sex marriage unexpectedly cropped up, the nature of the discussion suddenly changed. The liveliness evaporated.

After a long silence, each man’s contribution to the discussion was prefaced with a litany of halting, sheepish disclaimers: I’m not anti-gay, but . . . Some of my closest colleagues and friends are gay, but . . . I’m not homophobic, but . . . I don’t judge anyone, but . . . . It was painful for me to watch these wonderful, dedicated Catholic men who had forged such strong brotherly relationships appear scared to death to speak honestly and forthrightly—and not to adversaries, but to each other—about this issue. It was almost as if instead of being in a Catholic parish assembly room in 2015 America, we were in East Germany during the deep freeze of the Cold War, fearful that one of our neighbors might be a secret Stasi informant.
What a crock of crap. If things happened as told, these men were in the company of someone they probably know is gay. They were trying to be polite. Nothing more. Same-sex marriage is a broad topic. Mainwaring provided no specifics.

According to Mainwaring he was in a discussion group with people who knew nothing about him. Sure:
I finally had to speak up. When I began by announcing that I am same-sex attracted, their suddenly ashen faces let me know that they thought their worst fears had been confirmed. But I delivered a message to them that was far different from what they expected. I told them:
“Same-sex attracted” is religious bullshit. Mainwaring is gay, homosexual, queer. I call him a “miserable fag.” Same-sex attracted suggests something akin to a bad habit.
You guys need to stop being afraid. Don’t cower or shrink back when it comes to speaking the truth about marriage. Both the world and the church desperately need you to be unafraid to speak, because to remain silent is an act of capitulation, and marriage and family will go down in flames. Please speak confidently, because you have Truth with a “Capital T”—the Gospel—on your side. I am same-sex attracted, and I need guys like you to stand tall and proclaim what you know to be true. Otherwise, there is little hope for me and others like me. … … …
“Otherwise, there is little hope for me and others like me?” The determined discrimination of the Catholic Church gives a gay man hope. Nice to know. What Mainwaring has never understood or accepted is what Brian Brown has never understood or accepted. With few exceptions, gay people do not care about the fact that the Church does not approve of them based upon writings in ancient chronicles. We (Catholics and non-Catholics) know that what the bishops claim about gay people is factually incorrect. We also know that the Church has its rules which are different from our laws. Their rules (for getting to heaven) are entirely voluntary for adherents while the legal issue of same-sex marriage has been settled separate and apart from the Church. The Church has no right — and had no right — to attempt to impose its rules on our laws. We are not a theocracy. It has been several hundred years since the pope was able to dictate to kings.
It was right around this same time I began work on an amicus brief for the United States Supreme Court that came to be known as “Same-Sex Attracted Men and Their Wives.” The brief was submitted in the Obergefell v. Hodges case in support of allowing states to legally define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. …
He seems to be rather proud of voicing the losing arguments. I have read his brief. It contained the same hypothetical and theoretical nonsense that all of the other conservative Catholic amicus briefs contained. None of the prose was supported by anything factual. Missing from all of those briefs was a sentence that started with; “In Massachusetts …” followed by a realized consequence of same-sex marriage.
Why? Why do we seem to be losing on every front? Did we perhaps misunderstand the true nature of the battle?
A: Because, as a nation, we tend to reject the imposition of one religion's doctrines on everyone else. One person's theology is another's superstition.

I have skipped over some of the BS to get to the good stuff

Consider the example of my family—me, my wife, and our two children. Want to talk about unity despite what the world says are insurmountable differences? In our family of four, three are same-sex attracted—including one or two who are on the gender dysphoria scale—and one, the youngest, is straight as an arrow. (To be honest, I’m not sure how that happened.) Beyond that, we diverge on politics, religion, and morals. My wife and I were once divorced. Oh, and my wife and I are white, while our kids are biracial. And then there’s that whole baby-boomer-versus-millennials thing. Other than all that, we’re as homogeneous as can be.
If I am reading that correctly, Mainwaring's wife is a lesbian. I did not know that. Moreover, between Mainwaring, his wife and one child, two, possibly Mainwaring, experience some degree of gender dysphoria. The more important point is that Mainwaring knows better. He knows that the bishops and the pope are clueless. He knows that no one in his family volunteered to be gay or possibly trans. He knows that the doctrine of the Catholic Church is based upon a false premise of sexuality choices. Yet he persists.
I am a husband and a father. Though my past is littered with mistakes—some, like my divorce, quite grave—my most valuable contribution not only to my family but to the entire world, to the church, and to the protection of the one true definition of marriage is this: upholding my own marriage vows, being a faithful husband and father. That dedication is far more important than anything I can write in a publication or say from a podium.
Mainwaring has utilized one of his option cards. Why don't gay people have options in his world? How about the gay people who want the exact same thing? How about their dedication to being loving wives, husbands and parents? But it gets worse:
A few days ago, my twenty-two-year-old gay, Wiccan, Harlem-dwelling, Green Party-belonging, Hillary-favoring yet militantly pro-life, musical-theatre-performing son reached out to me from London. Without prompting and not for the first time, he reminded me of the love of God at a moment when I very much needed reminding.
Yet Mainwaring is comfortable working against the best interests of his son. If he had it his way his son would never be permitted to legally marry in spite of the fact that the kid is not Catholic (by choice) and is gay (not by choice). In fact if Mainwaring had things his way, his son would be a life-long celibate. The gravity of this capricious craziness is beyond any rational comprehension.

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