Monday, December 5, 2016

How to avoid the anti-LGBT Publix - Chain scores 10 out of 100 in latest CEI

Monday the Human Rights Campaign released its 2017 Corporate Equality Index. Publix refuses to participate so ratings are apparently derived from LGBT personnel within the company. In 2016 Publix had a score of 20. That has declined to 10 for 2017. Publix must be avoided whenever possible. They have been outed for their homophobia. I was the source for this piece in Miami New Times in 2013.

The bottom line is that Publix couldn't care less. Headquartered in Lakeland, FL most of their stores are in the Bible Belt and their board has a certain Christian quality to it.

In South Beach my choices (other than Publix) are Whole Foods, Epicure and Fresh Market. Epicure and Fresh Market are not rated by HRC. However, Fresh Market has an inclusive LGBT nondiscrimination policy expressed as workplace diversity. These stores are good for meat and vegetables but they can be pricey. Publix steaks are generally pretty awful. Whole Foods and Fresh Market offer better meat but I miss my NYC butcher. Epicure offers prime meat at prime prices. Sometimes Fresh Market offers prime steaks at relatively good prices.

I purchase many of my dry goods through Amazon Prime Now which provides two-hour free delivery. They tack on a tip, usually between $5 and $7. Prices are below Publix for many items including cereal and soda. I can purchase two 12-can cartons of soda at the same time because I don't have to schlep. They have a broad selection of merchandise, from toilet tissue to televisions, all delivered to your door within hours.

These are better options. The numbers are the CEI scores. I am sure there are others that I either did not find or are not included in the CEI.

Ahold 95
Amazon (Prime Now) 90
Kroger 95
Supervalu 80
Walmart 100
Whole Foods 85

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