Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Judge orders Christian streaming service to stop stealing content

What a shock. VidAngel, based in Utah, is (or was) a streaming video service that filters out the stuff that Christians don't like such as obscenities, violence and so much as a hint nudity. The profoundly boring content is then deemed suitable for viewing.

Several Hollywood studios including Disney persuaded a judge to issue an injunction prohibiting VidAngel from streaming films for which it has not obtained a license.

VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon released a statement:
The decision is a temporary one that we will appeal. While the appellate process plays out, we will work to improve our system and prepare for our anticipated post-injunction re-launch.
Harmon said that he is prepared to appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court. Good luck with that. Conservative Christians seem to think that their religion gives them a pass on laws that they do not like including those dealing with nondiscrimination and intellectual property rights.

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