Wednesday, December 7, 2016

National promotion of hate through payroll deductions

Neighbor To Nation accredited charities participate in state and local government
workplace giving campaigns in 26 states
As many as 26 states may be enabling, subsidizing and promoting contributions to hate groups through payroll deductions from state employees. This is a result of allowing an organization known as Neighbor To Nation to accredit charities eligible to participate in state employee giving programs.

On Monday I wrote about a controversy involving American Family Association. Connecticut's controller, Kevin Lembo, is questioning why AFA is an eligible institution to receive contributions from the state's employee giving campaign. I have been unable to reach Lembo (email and phone calls remain unanswered). We do not know whether or not Lembo is aware of the fact that AFA is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

AFA has written several pieces about this matter. Perhaps they are concerned about losing support in far more than just Connecticut.

This is a national issue

AFA participates in Connecticut's payroll deduction program for giving because it is accredited by Neighbor To Nation. NTN's accredited charities participate in state and local government workplace giving campaigns in 26 states. for example:

An eligible charity for the New York State Employees Federated Appeal
California is out but New York and Florida are in. Keep in mind that these programs run at the expense of taxpayers. State personnel manage these programs and administer the payroll deductions that fund the charities. Including the private sector, Neighbor To Nation accredits participants in more than 100 giving programs.

For its part, Neighbor To Nation claims:
Our participants are among the most respected charities in the country, and they are making a difference around the world!
Respected? Perhaps I should not be terribly surprised. On its board of directors is Royce Bervig who is VP of Focus on the Family's Family Policy Alliance (fka CitizenLink). Also on the board is James Loscheider who is a VP at Franklin Graham's Samaritan's purse.

There is some good news for both us and Neighbor To Nation. AFA seems to be the only anti-LGBT hate group that they accredit. This makes the problem easy to manage. The question remains whether or not they will disavow American Family Association. I have sent a second email to Tom Youngblood who is the CEO of the organization. The first went unanswered.

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