Monday, December 12, 2016

New York poised to investigate eligibility of hate group to participate in workplace giving program

Sen. Brad Hoylman
If State Senator Brad Hoylman has his way, New York may very well join Connecticut in reviewing how American Family Association — a certified hate group — is participating in the New York State Employees Federated Appeal. According to Hoylman:
It’s outrageous that a hate organization with a virulent anti-LGBT agenda like the American Family Association would be offered as a charity by the New York State Employees Federated Appeal. AFA’s mission is to combat what it calls “the homosexual agenda” and the organization equates LGBT people with pedophiles who threaten the very existence of society, not to mention its support for the bogus science of sexual orientation change efforts. The State of New York should not be doing business with an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed an “extremist group.” The American Family Association should immediately be pulled from the list of charities and a full review conducted of all the organizations offered by SEFA.
26 states across the nation rely on an organization known as Neighbor to Nation to accredit charities eligible to participate in state employee workplace giving programs. These charitable giving programs are administered by the states at taxpayer expense. Funds are provided to the charity or charities of the employee's choosing through payroll deductions. Sources in Connecticut inform me that Neighbor to Nation has frustrated any meaningful effort to have them review their practices. I have contacted them on several occasions to no avail.

Senator Hoylman is someone to watch. He was a Rhodes Scholar and has a law degree from Harvard. Hoylman and his husband, David Sigal, are raising a daughter. They live in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan.

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