Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NJ Assembly Speaker condemns state support of AFA

NJ Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto
The New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign facilitates charitable giving by state employees through payroll deductions. It is administered at taxpayers' expense. New Jersey is another state that defers to an organization known as Neighbor To Nation to accredit eligible charities. One of those accredited charities is American Family Association. AFA is designated a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center.

Having brought the matter to the attention of the legislature, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto said:
This is very concerning and unacceptable. The state of New Jersey should not be tied in any way to any group that spouts hateful rhetoric and has an anti-LGBT agenda. I will be looking into this matter and how this can be changed as soon as possible.
I will continue to go through these — a state each day unless Neighbor to Nation revises its accreditation standards. The organization does not respond to inquiries.

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