Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No Tony Perkins - Kellogg's being at war with Breitbart is just your idiotic fantasy

Tony Perkins
Kellogg Company has made a decision not to continue to advertise on Breitbart. This causes Tony Perkins to write about Breitbart and Breitbart to write about Tony Perkins writing about Breitbart. These amateurs do not realize that a $14 billion company ($26 billion market cap) is not going to be middled by two homophobic, anti-Semitic, white nationalist groups.

According to hate group leader Tony Perkins:
A week into its war on Breitbart, Kellogg's is getting a taste of America's outrage. Breitbart CEO Larry Solov is more convinced than ever that Americans can send a powerful message to companies that pick political sides.

On yesterday's "Washington Watch" … he explained how Kellogg's decision is not just an attack on Breitbart but on supporters like FRC's. “I think they thought they could get away with this,” Solov said. But they certainly don't think so now, when a large chunk of the site's 45 million readers are pushing back. “It is an effort to denigrate the mainstream American values we hold dear. We are the most pro-family, pro-traditional values in American news.”
It's that part about the hate site representing “mainstream American values” that I find so precious. These people really are special. In addition to the hypocrisy Breitbart is claiming that it is un-American not to buy their product. Really? Apparently not buying their product means that Kellogg Company is at “war” with a prior supplier. Please. Kellogg's doesn't seem to be playing along. They have more important things to do.
Well, shareholders can't be happy with the latest reports, which show Kellogg's shares taking a fast hit for their liberal activism. As I told Larry, now that the Left has lost control of the government, which it used to punish dissenting thought, it's moved on to consolidate the support it has in corporate America. But after voters flexed their buying power with Target (whose stock is in the basement after its decision to open up its fitting rooms and restrooms to people of both genders), GrubHub, Pepsi, Lands' End, and others, more CEOs should be skittish about wading into polarizing politics.
For the third quarter, net income increased by 42%. Moreover, it is Breitbart and Perkins' Family Research Council that are polarizing — not Kellogg Company.

The headline at Breitbart reads: “Tony Perkins Backs #DumpKelloggs: After Election Defeat, Left Will ‘Use Corporate America to Marginalize Conservative Thought.’” The piece written by John Hayward continues:
“The Left has lost control of the government – at least, it’s about to – which they have used to basically punish dissenting thought, when it comes to their politically correct agenda. So now there is this, it appears to be [a] rapid move to consolidate their control of corporate America – to use them to be their tool or their weapon of choice,” Perkins said, putting the Kellogg’s boycott of Breitbart News into the context of the 2016 election.
What a moron. Kellogg Company is most certainly not boycotting Breitbart. Not buying their product does not constitute a boycott. Exactly why is Tony Perkins so interested in Breitbart's revenues in the first place? His non-profit organization is essentially advertising for them. If his constituents are being so badly victimized as he claims then he should have better things to do.

These people should get a grip. Clinton beat out Trump by over 2.6 million votes. Also, Democrats picked up seats in both houses of the legislature. So while Trump is president-elect due to the electoral college, it is far from a mandate.  Americans, on the whole, are decent people who repudiate hate groups like FRC and hate sites like Breitbart.

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