Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thank God for Trump by thanking FRC with a donation

Tony Perkins
Thursday, hate group leader Tony Perkins has outdone himself for shameless money grubbing. According to Perkins God gave America a “reprieve.” What it all boils down to is that God is responsible for the things that Perkins likes and is punishing us for the things that Perkins doesn't like. So who needs the deity if Perkins is the arbiter of good and evil?
The email goes on to say:
Defying political expectations, defying my own expectations when this year began, Donald Trump is our president-elect, my friend Mike Pence is our vice president-elect, and the doors have opened for faith, family, and freedom.

I believe God has indeed given America a reprieve.

We didn't deserve it. Not with the murder of the unborn, the attack on God's institution of marriage, the distortion of God's creation of gender, and many other violations of His will.
Let us thank God and pray that He keeps this window open. Let us pray for the president-elect, his administration, the leaders and Members of Congress, and the courts. Let us especially pray the president-elect has the courage, wisdom, and fortitude to stand against the attacks and deceptions of the Left.
So let's see if I have this right. Perkins' god blessed us with an unbalanced, greedy, racist, self-absorbed narcissist and pathological liar who is a serial adulterer and twice divorced in addition to having scammed investors and workers with three bankruptcies. And that's just for starters. Later on:
P.S. As I've recently written, FRC is in the middle of advising the Trump transition and will be giving our expert analysis to the Trump administration and the new Congress. But we have an urgent need to finish 2016 strong. Your year-end donation will be doubled by a $250,000 Matching Grant to help us reach the goal of $975,000 needed as December began.
“Expert analysis?” We are so fucked.

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