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"Truth and Love?" - Superstition and hate is more like it

The Courage Apostolate is organizing an event concerning “a pastoral approach to sexual identity.” The event is titled: “Truth and Love” and, according to organizers, it  “will communicate the Church’s full perspective about the human person, in this context.”

It is not the faith that troubles me. Religion is able to convince some very smart people to keep kosher, obeying the Jewish dietary laws. Mark Oppenheimer (now with the LA Times) is a good example. People do that as part of their commitment to God. I don't happen to agree with them. I relegate it to pointless superstition but at least their religion is not attempting to obtain compliance through pseudoscience, fear and shame. Were the Church to take the straight faith approach I would have no quarrel. At least then, parents are not deliberately misinformed about their gay children who, they are told, are “objectively disordered.”  

There is one lone expert who is participating. That would be Timothy Flanigan, MD who is also a Catholic deacon. His specialty is HIV. I find it outrageous that they find the need to introduce AIDS into a discussion about homosexuality. What? Are they trying to scare people into compliance with Catholic doctrine? They do not mention Flanigan in the press release.
Courage International will team with the Phoenix diocese early in the new year to host an event addressing same-sex attraction and other sexual identity issues on the forefront of Church discussion today.

“The work of Courage International, helping those with same-sex attraction to build friendships and virtue, and helping the Church to share the Good News of Christ in a challenging area, is essential to our time,” said Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix.
The Church continues to communicate about what it calls “same-sex attraction” as if being gay is some sort of affliction and comparable to a bad habit. The Church is wrong on both counts and will continue to be viewed as the world's largest hate group for as long as it persists in spreading misinformation about gay people.

An approach to gender dysphoria?
This year, the “Truth and Love” conference will center around the theme of “Welcoming and accompanying our brothers and sisters with same-sex attraction or confusion regarding sexual identity.”
I suspect that transgender people have the same reaction to being gender confused as I have to my “diagnosis” of same-sex attraction. And precisely what do these eunuchs propose to do? Un-confuse people? Speaking of confusion they use sexual identity interchangeably with sexual orientation throughout.
“So many of the current approaches to homosexuality do not include the fuller perspective of the human person. Rather, they limit themselves to acceptance and to the protection of the right of sexual satisfaction,” Carmel Communications said in a press release for the event.
It is truly amazing. They speak of the “fuller perspective of the … person” while, at the same time, defining us by our sexual orientation. Those are mutually exclusive propositions. The crackpottery is a marvel:
The conference will also touch on the topics of Christian anthropology, natural law, the psychology of homosexuality and chastity. Additionally, roundtable discussions and panels will be offered, as well as Mass celebrated by Bishop Olmstead and Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles.
There is no “psychology of homosexuality.” They are intent on spreading misinformation. Natural law is irrelevant (in more ways than one). As you will see not one of the participants in this hate-fest has any training in human sexuality. It is not surprising. Where would they find a professional who considers a minority sexual orientation akin to a predisposition to abuse alcohol?
The speaker series at the conference will include Dr. Janet Smith, Jason Evert, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Andrew Lichtenwalner, and Courage International's executive director, Father Philip Bochanski. The event will also offer testimonials of individuals who have experienced struggles with sexual identity, who will give instructive advice on living chaste lives with authenticity.
Janet Smith is a professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Smith has written books about “the pastoral care of homosexuality.” While she does have a PhD from University of Toronto it is in philosophy.

Jason Evert is a chastity crusader. Evert has a Master of Theology degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Jennifer Roback-Morse is an economist and head of Ruth Institute which is designated a hate group by SPLC.

Andrew Lichtenwalner is the executive director of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. He holds a master's and PhD in theology. He spent three years as a program specialist in marriage discrimination for USCCB.

In other words, four professional Christians. None of them have any training in human sexuality. More are listed at the conference website.

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