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UK hate group and the transgender agenda

Christian Institute
Imagine, if you will, the hate group that would be formed by the merger of Family Research Council with Liberty Counsel — and then move it to the United Kingdom. What you end up with is The Christian Institute. It writes polemics on the web without attribution to a carbon life form. It is remarkably witless. Tuesday's intellectually mediocre offering is: “Transgender Agenda Forcing Kids Down Dangerous Road.”

Would the person who is curating this trans-agenda please contact me? I want to make sure that I am always up to speed with new developments. I will await your email with great anticipation.

Meanwhile, since I do not seem to have a copy of the aforementioned agenda I will just have to rely on “It.”
Extreme ideas about “changing” gender have “infiltrated” society and are pushing children down a path which threatens their mental health, a columnist has warned. [It puts words in quotes for reasons that I am unable to fathom]

Sarah Vine said some adults in the worlds of medicine, politics and education have bowed to transsexual activists “for fear of being branded as ‘backward.’”

The result, she suggested, is that an increasing number of children are questioning their identity.
Sarah Vine, it seems, is the UK version of Todd Starnes at the Daily Mail (although I concede that Ms. Vine is more entertaining). Vine is seemingly less motivated by religion than Starnes. Married to a conservative politician, her positions are political in nature — essentially anti-liberal. However, the net effect is the same. Hateful spew with a sense of societal entitlement. Just last week Vine fascinated us with: “Gender, our children and the death of common sense.” What is that about “common sense?” Where did that go?

Apparently Ms. Vine has the ability to read minds. She has the uncanny ability to divine the real rationale of people with opinions that she (and It) do not like. I would argue that adults understand what transgender means because they are, well … adults; grownups. And just who are these ubiquitous activists who seem to have so much power but lack sufficient efficacy to ensure that trans people are treated fairly?

Furthermore, Ms. Vine has the amazing ability to perceive statistics from a base that doesn't even exist. How else would she know that a “increasing number of children are questioning their identity?” Indeed, that represents a combination of both skills, mind reading and statistical miracles.

One thing that Vine is unlikely to have done is to consult experts to determine a) if there is an increase in gender dysphoria and; b) if so then why? Folks like Vine and Starnes consider their lack of curiosity a virtue.

I have an hypothesis (which is as good as any). Research demonstrates the benefit of earlier transitioning and the public (absent Ms. Vines and It) are becoming better informed while clinicians are better at separating “just a phase” from gender dysphoria. The net effect is that people are being permitted to transition earlier (some, of course, will re-transition). This creates the appearance of more transgender children while the percentage affected by gender dysphoria remains the same. While that is an hypothesis I can say, to a reasonable certainty, that it would be extraordinarily rare for a child to be influenced by others to be trans. Lest I be a accused of being simplistic gender dysphoria is probably not binary. Presumably there is a scale of discomfort with one's chromosomal sex. Nevertheless, medical science doesn't seem capable of moving the needle so why would a nine-year-old classmate?

It continues:
While acknowledging that some children may “genuinely feel they are in the wrong body,” she expressed concerns that “the whole conversation now takes place within a rigid structure constructed by the LGBTQ lobby.”
Ms. Vine's pretense is expertise on human sexuality. To suggest that the real experts are somehow confined to a paradigm constructed by LGBT advocates is simply absurd. Vine's objective is quite clear. She is interested in marginalizing medical science that does not conform to her religious views or world view.
Vine continued: "Ideas that, until recently, were considered at best fanciful, at worst extreme, seem to have infiltrated traditionally sober institutions" such as medicine and education.
Usually we call that “progress.” The exact same thing could have been said about early aeronautical science. It probably was said along with “if God intended man to fly …”
She gave an example of a girl at a secondary school who was given a detention because she did not use the "correct" term to describe her own sex.
I am guessing that the girl intentionally used the wrong pronouns to a trans boy. Educated people appreciate that doing so does violence to the other child. It has no purpose other than to inflict harm. The regrettable part of this is that it probably was not the girl's fault. Rather, we can usually attribute such behavior to bad parenting.
Vine wrote that the pro-trans propaganda is “threatening the sanity of—and, yes, I'm going to say it—normal children.”
I would love to ask It what an example of “pro-trans” propaganda, what “pro-trans” means and what constitutes propaganda? By definition propaganda is biased and misleading information. Which information would that be?

Shame on Vine! Just because trans kids are different doesn't mean that they are not normal. If society allows them there is nothing that they cannot achieve. To whom does “normal” apply? How about the gay kid who gets straight As? Or Cs for that matter? They used to say that Jews are not normal. Who exactly is “normal” (on Vine's scale) and how does the presence of a trans child affect, in any way whatsoever, the sanity of other children? In other words, who the hell does Vine think she is?
She added: “Yes, there must be compassion for the very few who experience gender confusion.”
Those are religious words. Research demonstrates that trans children are not in the least bit “confused.” It requires an effort to be that ignorant. Furthermore, no one requires It's compassion or Vine's. The are substituting the word compassion for approval and they obviously have neither for anyone who is not a heterosexual-cigender-Christian-conservative. “Judge not”
“But there must also be common sense that this is not something that affects the majority of children.” 
It should take it's own advice about common sense and the fact that gender dysphoria affects a small minority of people. These people are asserting expertise about something that they clearly know less about than their grasp of plasma physics.

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