Friday, August 18, 2017

Fox's imbecile in residence had to weigh in on hate groups and CNN

Todd Starnes
Looking at that headline one might legitimately ask: “Which Fox imbecile is David referring to (there are many)?” Yes there are many but the imbecile in residence has to be Todd Starnes. Starnes is often confused, usually wrong, and possibly closeted. Friday at the right-wing outlet Starnes produces: “CNN Publishes Fake Hate List – Targeting Well-Known Christian Groups.”

Before I even get to the body of this thing there are problems just with the headline.
  1. Based on SPLC determinations the list is anything but fake.
  2. The list doesn't “target” any type of group except hate groups.
  3. The fact that a group is well known is irrelevant. The Klan is also well known.
  4. The fact that a group claims to be Christian is also irrelevant. Again, the Klan makes that same defense.

Hate group leader claims transgender people are a danger to women and children

Jonathan Saenz
Jonathan Saenz is the leader of Texas Values. That organization is not on SPLC's hate group list but, in my opinion, it should be. This claim that trans women are a danger to women and children is nothing new. That doesn't mean that we should stop calling it out.

According to American Family Association, lamenting the demise of Texas' “bathroom bill:”
Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz explains that while the vast majority of Texans want those protections in place for their women and children, their elected representatives – because of the actions of two Republican lawmakers – weren't even given a chance to vote on it. …
Later on, AFA quotes Saenz directly:
I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing lawsuits [or] other actions that are taken because parents and children are not going to just stand by and allow these privacy violations to continue to happen in Texas …

On the sane side: Apple donating $1 million each to SPLC and ADL

Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Image credit: CNN Money
On Wednesday Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced that the company would donate $1 million each to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. In addition he announced that the company would match, on a two-for-one basis, employee contributions to human rights groups through September 30.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Liberty Counsel continues to threaten to sue those who CORRECTLY name it a hate group

Hate Group Leader Mat Staver
Hate Group Leader Mat Staver
The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Liberty Counsel a hate group. That is an indisputable fact. If leader Mat Staver does not like the fact that SPLC deems Liberty Counsel a hate group then he needs to take that up with SPLC. Unless and until Mr. Staver and the rest of the malcontents at Liberty Counsel modify their behavior, SPLC is likely to continue to designate Liberty Counsel as a hate group. Obviously the hate group listing has unnerved Liberty Counsel to the point of unhingedness (to the extent that they were not already unhinged).

Ed Whelan continues to be simply devastated by Obergefell

Ed Whelan
Note: Mr. Whelan claims that I have some facts wrong. I am trying to sort it out. By late afternoon on Sunday I will either delete this advisory or replace it with a correction. 

Martin Edward Whelan III is a very smart guy. As an undergraduate at Harvard he was Phi Beta Kappa. Whelan graduated Harvard Law magna cum laude. Whelan is also a religious fundamentalist which means that he is not so smart after all.

Thursday, the former law clerk to Justice Scalia writes in his National Review column, This day in liberal judicial activism:
2009—Purporting to be carrying out its duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice instead sabotages that law. Abandoning strong arguments that had been successful in previous litigation, DOJ asserts in a brief that it “does not believe that DOMA is rationally related to any legitimate government interests in procreation and child-rearing.”

"They're coming for your kids!" Federalist polemicist goes full-tilt anti-trans unhinged

Joy Pullman
According to Joy Pullman (and the climate deniers at the
financially troubled Heartland Institute) Common Core
is also an evil conspiracy
Joy Pullman, one of The Federalist's editors has a piece on Thursday titled: “The Trans Juggernaut Wants Your Kids, And Public Schools Are Just The Beginning.” Pullman is right and Jews drink the blood of Christian children during the Sabbath and black men are determined to rape white women and your Muslim neighbor is secretly planning to kill you. Be afraid of [fill in the blank]! Uh-huh.

The Federalist has no limits on awful. There seems to be nothing that is too offensive for them to post. Nothing is too stupid or too ignorant. I will get to the specifics of Pullman's “essay” but first, this is the subtitle:

Stanton reprises his HRC-Target-Walmart Act for Witherspoon Institute

Glenn T. Stanton
Thursday, Glenn T. Stanton, a spokesperson for Focus on the Family, offers “The Human Rights Campaign Rewards Walmart for Having the Same Bathroom Policy as North Carolina” at Witherspoon Institute's blog. It seems fitting that the intellectually pretentious poseur is providing a piece for a pretentious pseudo-intellectual blog edited by Ryan T. Anderson.

Last May Stanton took to The Federalist to expose the supposed hypocrisy of the Human Rights Campaign. This was based upon the observation that Target and Walmart both received scores of 100 on the Corporate Equality Index when only Target, he claims is trans friendly. I wrote about it here.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why is the self-righteous set so persistently dishonest about transgender access?

The transgender pride flag
It's Claire Cretin, uh, Claire Chretien again (I know, mine is a sophomoric display of opprobrium). At the ultra-orthodox Catholic LifeSiteNews Chretien asks the rhetorical question (and answer): “Should men go in the girls’ restroom? This mom says no way.”

That is a compound lie. This is about school access. Chretien's intent is to suggest that adult men will be using girls' facilities. The second part of the lie is that this isn't about men or boys. This is about whether transgender girls should have access to the girls' restroom. The third part of the lie deals with scale. This isn't about innumerable people but about accommodating one or two kids who are vulnerable, fragile and already stressed to the limit. 

Hate Group Leader's Diatribe Claims That We are All Liars

Biran S. Brown
The latest email from Brian S. Brown, president of International Organization for the Family, is titled “It's Never Just That... ” Apparently the entire progressive population of the United States is participating in some grand conspiracy to mislead Christian conservatives. According to Mr. Misadventure:
Dear Friend — There's one thing that the left is extremely good at – assuring people that their extreme agenda is actually very modest and won't have any impact beyond helping some sympathetic group of people. There are so many examples of this:

An Update on the HBO/Real Sports Controversy

Real Sports with Bryant Gumble
A very senior HBO official has responded to me with a phone call regarding the use of the term “gay lifestyle” by a Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel correspondent. This incident seems to have generated more attention than I expected. HBO executives consulted with the folks at GLAAD and they are taking this matter very seriously. The correspondent had no malicious intent. He simply didn't know any better.

As GLAAD's media guide explains:

Crackpot pseudo-psychiatrist explains why an adorable animated short is dangerous to youth

Richard P. Fitzgibbons
Dr. Richard P. Fitzgibbons at a Franciscan University Event
Dr. Richard P. Fitzgibbons claims to be a psychiatrist but he is not board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. In fact, According to the American Board of Medical Specialties, he isn't board certified in any medical specialty or family medicine. Nevertheless, Fitgibbons is quite prolific. Not in JAMA mind you but at Catholic websites. For example, an undated article at Catholic Culture explains “The Origins and Healing of Homosexual Attractions.” Here is a sample of the crackpottery:

Gay porn company accused of extorting money with threats to out viewers

A supposedly prominent gay man claims that gay porn company, Flava Works, tried to extort him and other subscribers by falsely accusing them of pirating its content on file-sharing sites. The company then demanded thousands of dollars to avoid being named in a lawsuit. Personally I have never used the Flava Works site which offers streaming videos, mostly of African-American and Latino models. I will out myself and confirm that I do watch gay porn. So what?

OT: Fedora - How to Eliminate Google-Chrome's Password Prompt

Fedora Linux
I do not use Chrome much. In fact, I only have it because it correctly parses my custom link shortener in TweetDeck; something that does not work properly in Firefox. In any event, every time I launch the damned thing (in KDE) it asks for my wallet password.

The fix is simple. You need to edit a bash script: /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome which initializes the browser.

Roy Moore headed to the United States Senate?

Roy Moore
The Ayatollah of Alabama, Roy Moore, seems poised to be the state's next Senator. In Tuesday night's primary neither Roy Moore nor the Trump-endorsed Luther Strange achieved a 50% majority. The two are headed to a runoff election on September 26. However, Moore had a roughly six point margin over Strange. Moreover, Moore's Christian army is going to show up at the polls in September.

Another silly AFA boycott has failed

Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon
As of Wednesday you can add Target (NYSE:TGT) to the list of American Family Association's failed boycotts. The company reported better than expected earnings this morning and revised guidance upwards. Same-store sales increased 1.3%, nearly double the expectations of analysts. Company executives attributed the good results to the success of the company's private label brands.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Brian Brown is touting FADA again - but it's just a pretext for asking for $$$

The email from National Organization for Marriage declares: “It's working!” What Brian S. Brown claims is “working” is public pressure to resuscitate the very dead First Amendment Defense Act, or FADA. Anything is possible but this would require 60 votes in the Senate and those are not there.

The so-called First Amendment Defense Act was introduced in both houses of Congress on June 17, 2015. It has never gotten out of committee, and probably never will because, as originally drafted it was blatantly unconstitutional. Rep. Paul Labrador eventually poison-penned his own bill which now reads:

Fox & Friends guest claims the rainbow flag and the Confederate flag represent "the exact same thing"

Star Parker
The company one keeps
Star Parker's fade to irrelevance was briefly interrupted on Tuesday when she made a rather strange comparison:
The same people that are demanding that the Confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up. These two flags represent the exact same thing: that certain people groups are not welcome here.

Larry Tomczak if trying to kill people again

Larry Tomczak
The virulently anti-gay Larry Tomczak offers expert advice on what to do when a loved one is hinting at suicide. Why is every evangelist an amateur psychiatrist? Other than supposed faith healing charlatans these people would probably not weigh in on the type of chemotherapy that a cancer patient should receive. Why then do they feel license to practice psychiatry without a license? While psychiatry requires many years of study including practicums in school and residencies after graduation, I do not know if Tomczak possesses so much as an undergraduate degree.

As a comical aside Tomczak once claimed that a psychiatrist and prominent writer had committed suicide in spite of the fact that he was very much alive. So much so that he sued Tomczak who was forced to pay out $150,000 to settle the matter.

Disney's Chris Nee attacked again for WWG

Chris Nee
According to Claire Chretien at hate site LifeSiteNews: “Lesbian behind cartoon pushing LGBT to preschool: Disney excited to ‘publicize’ my gay lifestyle.” Pushing? Ms. Chretien indulges in several fantasies. Among these is the idea that gay people are recruited into a lifestyle that she — and the Catholic Church — disapprove of. Another is that children can be influenced to be gay.

Writing While Gay is probably Chris Nee's greatest offense Ms. Nee is the creator of Disney's Doc McStuffins which includes a lesbian couple as parents. I am reliably informed that the mean-time-to-homosexual for a nine-year-old boy is 22.38 minutes of viewing (excluding commercials).

Monday, August 14, 2017

Princeton Review, LGBT friendliest colleges - Your mileage may vary

Princeton Review has compiled its annual list of the 20 LGBT friendliest colleges and universities. I would not take this terribly seriously. The methodology is probably less than peer-review worthy science.

There are better measurements such as the services provided. Harvard, for example, has an off Office of BGLTQ Student Life. On the other side of the continent, Stanford provides a Queer Events and Services Team. Having an outreach to transgender students is important. It demonstrates the kind of commitment that the school makes to attract and then help LGBT students. There is no substitute for personally speaking with some queer students. Religious schools are a mixed bag. Notre Dame is very welcoming while Yeshiva might be perilous.

Trump is exhausting

Donald Trump
I have read Trump's statement on Heritage Foundation's blog. Daily Signal. The Associated Press characterized it as carefully worded. I think it is rambling and disjointed.

Trump's three day delay to say the right words allows the bigots to claim that Trump was coerced or that the statement does not reflect his true feelings. Both are probably correct. Trump had to seemingly be dragged kicking and screaming to do what should have come as his initial reaction.

Heartland Inst. polemicist adds trans-denial to his org's climate denial

Howard Beale "Mad as hell ..."
"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
Monday, Michael T. Hamilton writes: “How Lena Dunham’s Transgender Dogma Turns Straight People Gay” for The Federalist. His subtitle reads:
Trans activists identify as infallible but trip over their own language and logic.
Hamilton has a pretentious academic title at the financially troubled Heartland Institute (in 2015 the small organization had a deficit of $1.4 million). Hamilton is neither an officer nor a highly compensated individual. However, he is highly confused — and confusing. He is not trying to be witty or satirical. After a few thousand words he tries to explain how an understanding of gender turns people bisexual. He is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Checking with HBO on gay stereotyping

Real Sports with Bryant Gumble
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel has an extremely informative piece on the thuggish leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. All went well until the end when Gumble was having a chat with the correspondent. That individual referred to the Chechens having a problem with “the gay lifestyle.” That is very offensive and I was shocked that it was not edited out. Chechnya has a problem with gay people (who they claim don't exist in Chechnya). The problem is not with what they do (as in lifestyle) but in who they are, which is gay.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Those fun-loving bishops are joined in bigotry by Ryan T. Anderson and Gloria Purvis

“If the Church wants to define public policy perhaps they should do so without the benefit of a tax exemption.”
Ryan T. Anderson and Gloria Purvis are rather flawed Defenders of the Faith. Anderson — who is probably a gay man — is wed to the belief that he will be rewarded in heaven for bottling up his sexuality. Purvis is obsessed with the notion that LGBT citizens are trying to steal something from African-Americans — a view that is rebuked by virtually every civil rights organization starting with the NAACP.

About a week ago, Ms. Purvis was trying to convince us that the Civil Rights movement and the LGBT Equality movement are not the same thing. Of course gay people never made that argument to begin with. The two are compared solely by religious zealots out to prove that they are not the same. It is a means of disparaging gay people by claiming that we make a fallacious argument. What the two do share is a demand for the constitutional guarantees of Equal Protection and Due Process.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This hate group needs a dose of reality

Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon
The folks at American Family Association continue to be severely traumatized by the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. One of today's headlines on their fake news blog reads: “Carnival jumps in to make circus out of marriage.” The subtitle by author Chris Woodward reads:
Passengers who board an upcoming cruise may be in for a shock.
Woodward explains:
According to Fox News and other outlets, Carnival Corporation has announced that three of its cruise liners – P&O, Princess and Cunard - will start conducting same-sex marriages onboard.

Is Anyone at Liberty Counsel Capable of Uttering Objective Truth?

“Transcending advocacy, the willingness to stray from the truth has become a compulsion to lie.”
Hate Group Leader Mat Staver
Hate Group Leader Mat Staver
We have become accustomed to Mat Staver's crazy prevarications. They form part of the reason that Liberty Counsel is considered a hate group. Staver is still running around claiming that Kim Davis won the case against her. I suppose that the fact that she is not personally liable for the legal fees (Kentucky is on the hook for nearly a quarter-million dollar reimbursement) is some sort of victory. There is more to this than Staver's glazed-over lies from lunacy about the grand conspiracy evidenced by the Homosexual Agenda™. It would appear that mendacity has become part of the organization's culture. Transcending advocacy, the willingness to stray from the truth has become a compulsion to lie.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

And we have a new victim of the homosexual agenda

Homosexual agenda
Charlie Butts who works for the hate group American Family Association informs us:
A fired government employee in the U.K. is among the latest to challenge termination based on biblical beliefs.
The problem, of course, is that the idiot was in a position to inflict his superstitions on others to their disadvantage.
Richard Page was dismissed as a magistrate of Kent and Medway National Health Service and Social Care Partnership Trust in last year after expressing his belief that the family consists of a man and a woman who care for their children.

Leaked document reveals that the Mormons have a gay cure after all

Mormon Leaks just released the minutes of a 2014 priesthood leadership conference. Some it is quite appalling. It is safe to say that the sentiments are probably unchanged over the last three years.

I am letting these images overlap the borders a bit. You can click on each for further enlargement.

Apparently manliness is the effective anti-gay remedy:

Perhaps Todd Starnes has discovered Prozac

Image credit: Wonkette
Another possible explanation is that a reasonably sane staffer at Fox wrote the following on Starnes' page:
Down the Toilet? With prospects for transgender bathroom limits getting slimmer by the day in the Legislature, opponents kept pressing the gas pedal Tuesday, holding the latest in a series of Capitol events meant to showcase broad disapproval of the most contentious item on a special session agenda filled with hot-button issues. First, dozens of women business and community leaders from across Texas stood on the Capitol's south steps to say they don't feel threatened by sharing restrooms with transgender women and don't appreciate "discriminatory" policies being made in their name. Then officials from the influential Texas Travel Industry Association abandoned months of quiet opposition, telling Gov. Greg Abbott that his effort to limit transgender-friendly bathrooms is smearing the state's reputation and endangering hundreds of small businesses. Will the bill pass?

Bishop calls homosexuality a "gift from God" - The ultra-faithful go unhinged

Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos
Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos
Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos of Caicó, Brazil has called homosexuality a “gift from God.” He is defending his words by saying his intention was to “save lives” and help “overcome prejudices that kill.” Enter Daniel Mattson, an ex-gay Catholic extremist active in the Courage Ministry. Catch this “logic” courtesy of our friends at LifeSiteNews.
Daniel Mattson
Daniel Mattson
But Daniel Mattson, a same-sex-attracted Catholic and author of the recently released Ignatius Press book "Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay," says the bishop’s words will do the opposite.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

LifeSiteNews attacks gay Disney producer

Chris Nee
Chris Nee via Twitter
It's Claire Chretien again. Get a life Claire. Wednesday's headline reads: “Lesbian behind Disney’s LGBT show for preschoolers: ‘We’re political on Doc McStuffins’.” I will get back to Sister Claire shortly. But first, LifeSiteNews started a boycott yesterday of Disney. According to the boycott pledge:
In a first for Disney Junior, the channel that targets children 8 and under, a popular show featured a family with two “moms.” A recent Doc McStuffins episode shared the story of a “family” of dolls headed by two lesbians. They get separated during an earthquake without an emergency plan. They reunite in the end with a big, “family” hug.

It is no surprise to know that the show’s creator and executive producer, Chris Nee, is a lesbian who lives with her partner and has a son. She has said, while they won’t have gay storylines, she will provide subtle messages about sexual orientation into the storyline.

No, you were not supposed to know that Abby Donovan is dead

Ray Donovan has a very compelling gay character. That would be Lena, Ray's assistant, played by Katherine Moennig. She is smart, loyal, good humored and sexy.

At the conclusion of last season's Ray Donovan Abby was alive and well. I know this because I had to re-watch the last three episodes from last year because I had this uncomfortable sense of extreme anxiety Sunday night. “How the hell did I forget so much from last season?”

Religious disapproval of Planned Parenthood licenses mendacity (corrected)

Anti-choice rally branded as "pro-life"

For all its posturing, the sanctimonious set sure does have a problem with truth. The flagrant deceit is apparent in regard to established scientific facts about sexual orientation and gender identity. Prevarications about Planned Parenthood are so widespread that some of the participants may not realize that they are lying. Suffice it to say that the enemies of Planned Parenthood are the enemies of the LGBT community.

Overwhelmingly, abortions are not paid for by tax dollars.

Pray away the gender dysphoria!

Laura Perry and her mother Francine
Brian Hobbs writes “From transgender to transformed” for the Baptist Press. In brief it is about Laura Perry, of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, who lived as a transgender man, “Jake,” for about ten years. Jake finds Jesus and is now back to Laura. I have no problem with Laura. Apparently she transitioned in her late teens and was subsequently estranged from her family. I have to wonder about the extent and quality of the counseling that she received at that time.

Being transgender is not a condition. Gender dysphoria is the condition. Many people who have gender dysphoria experience extreme anxiety and depression. 

Porno Pete is appalled

Peter LaBarbera
It doesn't take much to appall hate group leader Peter LaBarbera. The comically unhinged anti-LGBT warrior is in a perpetual state of hyperventilation. He seems to be permanently appalled. What he should be appalled over is his own inability to correctly file a tax return. His Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has not been tax exempt since May 15, 2015. The implication is that he has probably not filed personal returns (which depend on the organization's return) in some time. Eventually they will nail his ass — the IRS is relentless. But I digress.

What's pissing off LaBarbera today is President Barack Obama who serves as a reminder that we have had competent and intelligent presidents who were not pathological liars and who did not line their own pockets in office. Specifically what LaBarbera finds so upsetting on a summer Wednesday is that the Republican governor of Illinois has signed Senate Bill 55 which means that, starting next year, Illinois will recognize August 4 as “Barack Obama Day.” Obama was one of the most decent, honorable and classy guys to ever occupy the Oval Office. LaBarbera doesn't see it that way:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bullying claims another child's life

Kid being bullied
Eight-year-old Gabriel Taye was bullied into taking his own life. There is no indication that this had anything to do with the child's sexuality but the concept is the same. The outcome is potentially the same. The lack of attention to the problem by school officials is the same. Apparently, the culture at the public school that Gabe attended included systemic student violence. In a complaint filed Monday, Gabe's parents are suing the Cincinnati Board of Education, the Superintendent of Schools and the Principal of the School that Gabe attended.

Toward the end of the complaint, lawyers outline the connection between bullying and adolescent suicide. It is astonishing to me that more LGBT kids are not dead.

Cardinal endorses so-called reparative therapy

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier
Cardinal Wilfrid Napier
Photo credit: Irish Times
Earlier today, I asked myself the question: Just how damned stupid can people be? God has provided an answer. According to Lisa Bourne, one of the faithful at LifeSiteNews:
South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier went out on a limb on social media last week in commenting on the importance of the controversial subject of reparative therapy.

Another avocational psychiatrist: "Transgender day camp tantamount to child abuse"

Cheryl K. Chumley
Cheryl K. Chumley
Cheryl K. Chumley is the Washingtom Times' resident ignoramus. That is no easy accomplishment considering the many crazies that the outlet employs and the Moonie ownership. Well done Ms. Chumley!

The information that I have regarding gender dysphoria, transgender people and gender nonconforming people comes from the peer-reviewed research published to scholarly journals. If I have questions, I email the authors and they usually reply. I also have trans readers who inform me. My focus has been on children because they are the most fragile and vulnerable. My only bias is their best interests, wherever that might fall. I am agnostic to the outcome of research.

Hate group leader shows his determination to waste court time and costs

Hate Group Leader Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel
Mat Staver, leader of Liberty Counsel, a hate group, has sent out an email in response to GuideStar's motion to dismiss. Before I get to that, Andrew Seidel of the Freedom From Religion Foundation has a superb article, mostly about the enormous waste of taxpayer dollars because of Liberty Counsel's vexatious litigation. It is worth your time to read his analysis.

The subject email from Staver came in moments after I finished reading Seidel's piece this morning. A seventh-grader could figure out that Liberty Counsel cannot sue GuideStar for defamation. If they have a case then it is against Southern Poverty Law Center for designating Liberty Counsel a hate group. According to Staver:

Monday, August 7, 2017

How about all the crazy shit that heterosexual cisgender people do?

Claire Chretien's Twitter image is telling
LifeSiteNews contributors find some virtue in trying to make LGBT people look kooky. Today it is their Claire Chretien. Yet it seems that 75% of the site is dedicated to homophobia and transphobia. No other outlet would give a regular podium to crackpots like Peter LaBabera and Doug Mainwaring.

None of these folks seem to be terribly successful or they would not be so addicted to the Church that so utterly intimidated by LGBT people. They look at a guy like Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, and all they see is rage to the extent that they see past his sexual orientation. This is the North American jihad. They lack the introspection to appreciate the harm that they do and the craziness of their zeal in doing it.

AP publishes parents' guide to transgender children

Jocelyn Gecker at the Associated Press has penned an outstanding piece on gender dysphoric kids. What I like about it most is the pains she, and the experts she interviewed, take to separate out the difference between a childhood phase and real gender dysphoria. In simplest terms a parent needs to evaluate whether or not their child is in distress. Moreover a boy might say “I wish I were a girl.” A gender dysphoric child will assert “I am a girl.”

Glenn T. Stanton's latest false "eureka!"

Glenn T. Stanton seems determined to be viewed as Focus on the Family's chief homophobic crackpot.
Glenn T, Stanton
Monday, Glenn T. Stanton asks (at The Federalist of course): “Why Are Lesbian Teens Having Two To Seven Times As Many Babies As Their Heterosexual Peers?” Stanton's subtitle reads:
The surprising statistic suggests that for many, LGBTQ sexual orientation is not a fixed identity, but rather something that fluctuates.
Stanton is intellectually dishonest because he strives to conform science to his conservative Christian beliefs. This leads to selective observation and misconstrued opinions based upon biased analyses. It is selective observation of data from selective observation of studies.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tim Wildmon, M.D.

Tim Wildmon
With no proof whatsoever — on faith alone — religious fundamentalists expect everyone to live in fear of an omniscient deity. Sometimes they claim to converse with their god. We'll just have to take their word for that. Their standard for psychiatry is similar. They expect to be believed over clinicians with many years of study and training. Being a conservative Christian qualifies someone to practice medicine without a license.

Fox News has a piece on Friday with the title: “Planned Parenthood: Teach your preschoolers 'their genitals don’t determine their gender'.” The sheer glee that must have been associated with this story defies description. They can simultaneously smear transgender people and Planned Parenthood.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The bishops on equality are not nearly as clever as they think

Gloria Purvis
Meet Gloria Purvis. Although she has a day job, Purvis is pretty much a professional orthodox Catholic. She is also a bigot. She's made a little video for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website, Marriage Unique for a Reason. That “reason” is irrational dependence on ancient chronicles of dubious provenance.

The bishops try to tee it up:
In this clip, Gloria Purvis discusses the common comparison of the “Equality” movement to the Civil Rights Movement, pointing out that the ethos is of a completely different character.

Hate group leader thinks everyone is as stupid as a ...

Michael P. Farris
Michael P. Farris has another hobby
Michael P. Farris, new leader of Alliance Defending Freedom, . is the former head and founder of Home School Legal Defense Association. He spent most of his career advocating for conservative Christians to have the right to make their kids as ignorant as they are.

Apparently Farris is wed to the belief that everyone is as dim-witted as those misguided parents. Late Thursday he wrote an essay about a child whose nickname is Pickle (the kid is real). The quoted portions are from an article about Pickle in The Washington Post:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Brian S. Brown is intent on reminding us what a transphobic bigot he really is

Brian S. Brown
The latest email missive from National Organization for Marriage is titled: “Derail the Transgender Train.” I will never fully understand why they have this huge problem with trans folks. After all gender dysphoria is a well documented medical condition and they have no answers other than to demean transgender folks.

When Brian Brown does this he is attacking the entire LGBT community. He is also attacking LGBT kids. I wish that he had a higher price to pay for his ignorance, intolerance and being so damned inconsiderate of other people. It is like dealing with an ISIS leader.

Speaking of hate groups, LifeSiteNews qualifies on a daily basis

Sometimes it reads like the National Enquirer
Today's tripe from LifeSiteNews is titled “Gender-confused persons are seeking a ‘cure’ but getting the wrong answers.” They insist on the false claim that people with gender dysphoria are confused. Presumably they do so to suggest that they can be un-confused by a good talking-to. They do that in an attempt to conform medical science to scripture or the teachings of the Church. The best interests of the people who suffer (who seem to exist only in the abstract) are secondary to dogma.

I am not a believer and I am not Catholic. Nevertheless, through their obtuseness they are probably doing damage to themselves and the Church. People are willing to accept that faith might not always be logical. People are less willing to accept the notion that faith should prevail over the wellbeing of children.

AFA: "Liberty Counsel tiring of tolerating 'hate' label"

Mat Staver
Poor Mr. Staver. The hate group leader is finding it tedious for Liberty Counsel to be labeled a hate group. Is Staver actually threatening SPLC? Popcorn futures would soar on that news.

American Family Association, a hate group, is championing the cause of Liberty Counsel. This bit of wisdom comes from Charlie Butts (they all have porn names) at AFA's faux news blog.

Before I get into this, if Mat Staver, leader of Liberty Counsel, is tired of being labeled a hate group, the obvious solution is to stop acting like a hate group leader. The Southern Poverty Law Center is quite specific about why Liberty Counsel is designated an anti-LGBT hate group. Staver can correct his conduct any time he chooses to do so.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Child Abuse!

Michelle Cretella has been able to misinform countless
people via Tucker Carlson
It simply astonishes me just how terrible some parents are when it comes to their gender nonconforming children. The more I type — the more furious I get so I am consciously controlling my penchant for profanity. It's the same cast as my July 13 piece. We have Marcia Segelstein who writes for The National Catholic Register and Michelle Cretella. Cretella is a hate group leader. She is the cretin-in-charge of American College of Pediatrician (not to be confused with the real peer group — the American Academy of Pediatrics. Of, and of course there is Paul R. McHugh, Defender of the Faith©.