Friday, January 13, 2017

Hate group leader announces next international conference of LGBT antagonists

Brian S. Brown
In an email to supporters Brian S. Brown, leader of the World Congress of Families has announced that their next hate-fest will be in Budapest, Hungary May 24 to 28. The purpose of, and for, these events is to gather religious zealots to bemoan same-sex marriage and other evils.

I would expect a fair amount of transphobia to be expressed as well given the emphasis on the matter from the Vatican. In spite of the vast amount of research on gender dysphoria, the theologians (led by the pope) insist that gender nonconformity represents confusion that can be remedied by prayer and religious counseling.

According to Brown:
Hungary has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most family-friendly countries in Europe. The local organizing committee is led by Mrs. Katalin Novak, Hungary’s Secretary of State for Youth, Family and International Affairs.
Hungary is one of the more anti-gay European countries. Hungary's current prime minister is Viktor Orbán who is a member of the conservative Fidesz party which coalesces with the Christian Democrats. Orbán is an authoritarian nationalist and social conservative. In 2012 a new constitution came into effect which bans same-sex marriage. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is banned but not prohibited in the new constitution and is weakly enforced. Gay couples are prohibited from adopting.

Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion of Hungary with about a 37% share according to the CIA. Hungary has the 17th highest death rate in the world (between Gabon and Nigeria). The U.S. is at 90 (although Hungary's infant mortality rate is slightly lower than ours).

On a related matter in the email, Brown re-introduces WCF's pretentious blog:
Janet Jackson made headlines recently when she became a first-time mother at 50 years old. In a litany of such stories, the UK branch of the Huffington Post published an op-ed highlighting the things that later-in-life new parents should know. But research indicates that the Huff Post's calm reassurances may underemphasize the difficulty and even danger of delayed first-time motherhood. And “delayed” for researchers is quite a bit younger than 40.

Read more → at The Natural Family: An International Journal of Research and Policy
That links to a disorganized, dry and poorly formatted January 9 post without attribution. While some of the sources are identified there are no links. I was able to find the primary source. It looks like WCF employed some convenient selective observation of science to make a religious point.

The Natural Family is not international, it is not a journal and it is not and outlet for any real research. It is a quarterly blog of religious opinion. Peer review? Are you fucking kidding?

The “current journal” is apparently from spring, 2016. The only article is an undated and painfully verbose polemic by Defender of the Faith Sherif Girgis titled “The Philosophy Behind the Conjugal View of Marriage.” Does anyone really care? Girgis is simply re-litigating Obergefell with the same absurd and theoretical arguments that he, Robert George and Ryan T. Anderson failed to persuade the Supreme Court with. I concede that, to conserve brain cells, I merely skimmed Girgis' diatribe.

I am waiting for just one of these people to post The Consequences of Same-Sex Marriage Since Obergefell without the usual victimology of moronic bakers and a florist. They cannot. They will not. Nor, for that matter, will any of these people ever admit that they were wrong.

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