Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hate group leader trolling for faux members

I guess that it worked so well for National Organization for Marriage that Brian S. Brown is now trying the phony membership approach for his other gig — International Organization for the Family. Perhaps Brown can confuse his incurious constituency into believing that forking over some dough makes them “members” in spite of the fact that they don't get much for their money.

Needless to say, I haven't given these folks a nickel. However, apparently I am a member:
Please Renew Your Membership

The International Organization for the Family (IOF) is excited that 2017 will be a remarkable year for the natural family, and we are already hard at work on several major initiatives. From planning the 2017 World Congress of Families XI meeting in Budapest, to organizing numerous regional pro-family conferences, to launching the Cape Town Declaration on Marriage, to advising the new Trump administration on positive domestic and international policies they can put in place, we have a full plate this year.

IOF is dependent on the generosity of our members. Please renew your membership in IOF by making a minimum $35 contribution. If you are able to contribute more than $35, please do so as every dollar we receive is devoted to pursuing our important work around the globe.
This activity is rather masturbatory (something Brown is not supposed to do). They are not really going to accomplish anything other than regurgitating the teachings of the Catholic Church. Now that Brown is in charge they will probably accomplish even less. In 2015 they took in a half-million dollars and spent a half-million dollars. That's without blunder-butt on the payroll.

Does anyone believe that this crew is advising Trump?

IOF is just another entity of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society which also trades under World Congress of Families. I sent a note to SPLC while I was at it.

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