Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hypocrisy at work: Christian moralist is knowingly dishonest

Peter LaBarbera
Peter LaBarbera has his hand out for donations. However, Peter LaBarbera's Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is not tax exempt. Donations to Americans for Truth About Homosexuality are not tax deductible.  Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is not a 501(c)3 organization. The reason that the hate group is none of these things is the fact that LaBarbera doesn't file the required tax returns. I am going to guess that he probably hasn't filed personal returns either since they are dependent upon the organizational return. I must remember to send a note to the Service.

The sad history is that AFTAH lost its tax exempt status on May 15, 2010. It was restored on December 15, 2011. AFTAH's tax exempt status was rescinded again on May 15, 2015 and that represents the current status. The reinstatement rule was modified about a year ago:
In most cases, the effective date of reinstated exemption will be the date that the organization’s exemption application was submitted to the IRS. However, organizations may choose to request that reinstatement be retroactive to the effective date of revocation. The IRS will grant retroactive reinstatement of exemption under certain limited circumstances.
While LaBarbera lucked out the first time around with a retroactive reinstatement that is not likely to occur again. Nevertheless, on AFTAH's “About” page is this:
That is a deliberate lie. People are donating money and taking the deduction. Chances are that it will never be challenged. LaBarbera knows this. We are all subsidizing AFTAH. AFTAH exists to denigrate gay people because of religious objections. That same religious fundamentalism requires honesty. According to scripture, a person who knows the truth but (for whatever reason) says differently is a liar. According to Psalm 101:7:
No one who practices deceit
shall dwell in my house;
no one who utters lies
shall continue before my eyes.
LaBarbera has a new post up titled: “Help AFTAH Counter the ‘LGBTQ’ Revolution!” It's a rather obnoxious money-grub:
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is one of the few organizations in the world that directly fights and exposes the homosexual-bisexual-lesbian-transgender-sadomasochism-pansexual-[insert latest perversion here] agenda.

Please help us defend moral Truth and expose the reality of the destructive anti-Christian LGBTQueer movement. You help make our work possible with your donations–go HERE to give safely online with our user-friendly form!
LaBarbera goes on to write:
And while we love sinners as Jesus does, and condemn real “hate” (toward anyone), we do not “love” or respect homosexualism, transsexualism–or any other branch of deviant “gay” sexual ideology and behavior–which are at war with God’s plan for sex, marriage and family.
What is not included in that post is the fact that donations to AFTAH are not tax deductible. LaBarbera is a cynic. He knows that people will presume that donations are tax deductible when they are not. Most people call it fraud. Furthermore, certain sales and use taxes might not be applicable to tax-exempt organizations (depending upon locale). Is LaBarbera still taking advantage of these privileges when he is no longer eligible? If so, the amount of our subsidy increases.

I resent having to subsidize Porno Pete when his is a legitimately tax-exempt organization. Subsidizing an organization because of its deceit is simply unacceptable.

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