Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is the "The Mick" depraved as NOM claims?

I watch almost no broadcast television and never watch sit-coms so I am at a loss when it comes to The Mick. I have an email from Brian S. Brown at National Organization for Marriage bitching about a trans six-year-old. Brown calls the show depraved and demands that the show be canceled. The kid is dressed as a boy in the poster. Similar stories are at the usual suspects; Breitbart, InfoWars, LifeSite and NewsBusters. Apparently this “outrage” is bassed a promo for an upcoming episode so it is out of context.

The reviews at Rotten Tomatoes are pretty good and the overall audience score is 90%. IMDB is at 7.4 so obviously a good-sized group of people like the show. I gather that the show is supposed to be outrageous. My guess is that it's pretty harmless fare and the reality is that there are six-year-old kids with gender dysphoria. It doesn't take much for the Christian right to have a shit fit and sometimes they pitch one for effect.

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