Tuesday, January 31, 2017

LifeSiteNews: "Trump won’t overturn Obama’s special rights for LGBT gov’t workers"

Patrick B. Craine
Tuesday, LifeSiteNews weighs in on Trump's decision (at least for now) not to revoke the Obama ban on workplace discrimination by government contractors. Of course LifeSite being what they are they call fair treatment “special rights.” Imagine if government contractors could fire or not hire people for being Catholic and claim it was job-related. The moronic piece was written by Patrick B. Craine who seems to be another professional Christian.

Zack Ford reminded me of two important things.
  1. Trump does not deserve praise for not doing the wrong thing and;
  2. Trump is erratic and could change his mind or do other bad things at any time.
It is quite possible, for example, that Trump could attempt to secure license-to-discriminate legislation or author executive orders that have a similar effect. LifeSite goes on to say:
Trump's stance on the LGBT agenda was a concern for social conservatives during the primaries. He courted LGBT Republicans during his campaign, famously waving a rainbow flag at one of his rallies. He also endorsed the transgender bathroom agenda, inviting Bruce Jenner to use the women's bathroom at Trump Tower. He criticized North Carolina's bathroom privacy law, but said the bathroom issue should be left to states to decide.

However, Trump also promised to uphold religious freedom. He claims the Obergefell same-sex “marriage” ruling is “settled law,” yet has suggested he would appoint justices who support natural marriage.
Ten years from now these idiots will still be putting quotes around the word marriage. Meanwhile Trump was all over the place on things like HB2 which he ultimately said he supported.

I think that I have been added to the White House distribution list and might receive more timely information. We will see.

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