Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mollie Hemingway - Trump publicist

Mollie Hemingway
At The Federalist Tuesday, Mollie Hemingway writes: “Top-Level Intel Officers’ War Against Donald Trump Is Bad For The Country.” The subtitle of her intellectually inadequate polemic reads: “Top political appointees at intelligence agencies are engaged in a dangerous and discrediting full-scale war against Donald Trump.”

In point of fact, it is Trump who has waged war against the intelligence services. Either Ms. Hemingway has a very short memory or she thinks that everyone else does. Trump is displeased that the intelligence community has concluded that Russia meddled in our presidential election. Trump took this as criticism of Trump. Therefore, Trump had the tantrum that his terribly fragile yet out-sized ego mandated. Or it might very well be more sinister. Would anyone be surprised, given his behavior and many connections to Russia, if Trump was in communication with the Kremlin to coordinate the attack against Secretary Clinton? Trump using offense as defense?

Over the last few weeks Trump has been berating the intelligence community, blaming them for leaks of information that created unfair coverage of Trump. He called it “fake news” which was not the case. None of the media made anything up. More importantly, there is no evidence that the intelligence community leaked anything. This is the guy who claimed that the current President of the United States is an illegal alien and now the Earth is spinning off of its axis because of some news stories that Trump doesn't like. Let us not forget that there is the real possibility that Trump does like to watch golden showers.
Much of this noise is because Trump does not want to have Russia get any credit for his narrow electoral college win over Hillary Clinton. He won't even admit that Clinton won the popular vote in spite of a nearly three million vote advantage. More importantly, Trump lacks the depth to comprehend that the world is listening. It is dangerous for the president to express distrust of the nation's intelligence agencies.

What Hemingway should be writing is; “Delete your account!” Apparently Trump thinks that the Russian Federation is more credible than our intelligence services:

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