Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No Brian S. Brown, you won't be "in the midst" of anything

Apparently Brian S. Brown, leader of National Organization for Marriage believes that his potential donors are willing to believe that NOM will have some influence on the confirmation of the next justice of the Supreme Court. Brown further believes that his potential donors are willing to believe that forking over some money for NOM will affect the confirmation process.

According to an email sent to supporters Tuesday afternoon:
BREAKING: Supreme Court Nomination Coming Next Week

Minutes ago, President Donald Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he will make his Supreme Court nomination to replace the late Antonin Scalia next week. Mr. Trump has pledged to nominate a justice in Scalia's mold, somehow who believes that the constitution means what it says and should not be remade to suit any particular agenda. That means in about a week NOM will be in the midst of one of the most pitched battles of modern times.

Please help us be ready to advance a Supreme Court nominee who will honorably fill the shoes of Justice Scalia by renewing your membership in NOM. Membership costs only $35, but we are always grateful to those who can contribute more than the minimum. Please act today.
Delusions of grandeur

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