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Some gratuitous gibberish from Walt Heyer about National Geographic

Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer is a very disturbed individual. Heyer, who is in his 70s, had sex reassignment surgery (ordinarily I would refer to this as gender affirming surgery) about 35 years ago. He had the surgery reversed about 28 years ago. As a conservative Christian, Heyer is on a mission to prevent anyone from getting treatment for gender dysphoria. He seems unable to grasp the fact that we have made considerable progress in diagnosis and treatment over the last 35 years. He is also unwilling to accept the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who receive gender affirming surgery are pleased with the result.

I do not know what Heyer has done in the past but these days he writes pieces for conservative outlets. Ultimately, he is promoting his five books about being transgender which seem to be self-published. The last one was written about four years ago. Tuesday's piece is at The Federalist and is titled: “The National Geographic Transgender Cover Champions Child Abuse And Junk Science.” Actually it does neither. The subtitle is equally absurd: “Cross-dressing a young boy is emotional and psychological child abuse and should be stopped, not celebrated on the cover of magazines like National Geographic.”

One thing that we do know about Heyer is that he is not a health care provider. He is neither a physician nor psychologist. It is safe to assume that most parents of a gender nonconforming child have their child in the care of a professional clinician. Why on earth would anyone substitute Heyer's judgment for that of those professionals? Because he had surgery? Due to a gunshot wound I have a hip replacement. That does not make me competent to render an orthopedic diagnosis or to perform a total hip replacement.
The National Geographic staff chose a cover story of nine-year-old-boy who says he’s a girl for the January 2017 special issue, entitled “Gender Revolution.” Transgenderism is today’s popular social delusion which, contrary to the publicity surrounding it, affects a miniscule portion of the population.

Young Avery Jackson, whether deliberately or not, is an LGBTQ activist whose image is being used to promote transgender politics and raise money for a transgender house in Kansas. Now National Geographic is participating in the activism by spreading the progressive ideology of fluid genders and providing an easy rallying point for future LGBTQ fundraising campaigns.
Just for perspective, “Gender Revolution” was not about trans kids. It was about how gender and gender roles influence preteens. National Geographic interviewed nearly 100 children. Avery is the only one who is gender nonconforming. Heyer hasn't the erudition to claim that gender dysphoria is a delusion. Heyer is correct that only a minuscule portion of the population is affected but no one seems to deny that fact. It also cuts both ways. What is the big deal in providing trans access to a small number of people who are thus affected?

Avery Jackson
Avery Jackson
I do not know what “transgender politics” is. If that means being an advocate for equal protection then I am a proud participant. The notion that being transgender is part of a progressive ideology is ludicrous. Gender fluidity in some people is established scientific fact. As for Avery, I have written about her. For someone who is part of a very fragile minority she seems to have considerable ego strengths and a real sense of who she is. That is possibly the result of therapy.
Sexing Up Lies that Lead Children Astray

A cover photo is visually exciting and can persuade young people that male and female gender models are not fixed, when they are. Photos like the one on the cover of National Geographic can encourage a child to question his or her gender and sex and act out accordingly.

Not all boys who cross-dress will develop gender confusion, but disturbing to me is how easily gender distress can become an unwanted reality for unsuspecting children
This is Christian mythology. Since their god created only cisgender people, transgender people are either confused or pretending — particularly children. According to the research that is simply not the case. There is no evidence that any child has ever been induced or influenced to claim to be gender nonconforming.
Young people are told transgender feelings are permanent, immutable, physically deep-seated in the brain, and can never change. That’s simply not true. Anyone past age 25 knows that even very strong feelings can change.
That is a falsehood. Young people are allowed to be who they are. No one is misinforming transgender kids except for religious nut jobs like Heyer who have the audacity to claim that secular forces want to impose an ideology.
Real Journalism and Science Investigates Dissent

If National Geographic truly wanted to explore the complexities of gender change, they would have included stories of people who discovered that living the transgender life was an empty promise. A case in point is that of Alexis (born Robert) Arquette …
Heyer obviously did not read the article which is not about gender conformity at all. Again, it was about how gender and gender roles influence the lives of preteens. And dissent from what exactly? Were this about cancer, does the crackpot with a sharks don't get cancer story (they do get cancer by the way) get a say? Heyer is a crackpot at the lunatic fringe.
Dr. Richard B. Corradi, a professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, calls transgenderism a “Contagion of Mass Delusion” similar to the hysterias of the 1980s and ‘90s, “junk science” that reinforced hysterical, false stories of satanic ritual abuse and recovered memories.
That is another falsehood. According to the department chair at Case Western, Dr. Robert Ronis, Corradi, who is in his 80s, retired over ten years ago. Dr. Ronis also confirms that Corradi is out of the mainstream.
This Is Child Abuse

Studies have shown that childhood gender dysphoria does not inevitably continue into adulthood. An overwhelming 77 to 94 percent of gender dysphoric children do not become adults with gender dysphoria. Given this, it’s social, medical, and psychological malpractice to push young children to lop off or sew on body parts and take highly charged cross-sex hormones that can further destabilize their prepubescent bodies and minds
There is some truth to the fact that most trans kids do not become trans adults. What that particular research actually says is: “gender dysphoria in childhood does not inevitably continue into adulthood, and only 6 to 23 percent of boys and 12 to 27 percent of girls treated in gender clinics showed persistence of their gender dysphoria into adulthood.”

As is stated, these kids are being treated in gender clinics. Therefore the statistics demonstrate (and it should be obvious) that those gender clinics are not doing things that are irreversible unless there is a reasonable certainty that their patient is not going to outgrow the condition. Furthermore, it demonstrates that children are not being influenced to be transgender. And no one is suggesting surgery for children. No one. Moreover, prepubescent kids are not given hormones. Hormones are administered very cautiously and aren't provided until the kid is at least 16.

Heyer either doesn't know what he is talking about or he is intentionally misleading or his spew is a combination of ignorance and propaganda. The Federalist is a conservative outlet. There is nothing wrong with that. However, Walt Heyer is not a responsible spokesperson for anything to do with human sexuality. Shame on them for providing a platform to a crackpot.

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