Monday, January 23, 2017

Texas Supreme Court to review gay spousal benefits

Greetings from Texas
Another reminder that gays are supposed to be second-class citizens. In a reversal of a prior decision, the Texas Supreme Court will now take up a case involving the legality of paying traditional spousal benefits to the same sex partners of state and municipal employees. After initially rejecting the suit brought by a group of Houston pastors the Court decided to take up the matter, presumably due to political pressure by GOP leaders.

The suit obnoxiously asks: Just because the ruling in Obergefell legalizes same-sex marriage does that require taxpayers to “subsidize” it? The preachers claim that Texas law explicitly forbids spousal benefits for gay partners. I believe that a ruling in favor of the petitioners would clearly be unconstitutional. That sentiment was echoed by Chuck Smith, who heads Equality Texas. He told local media:
The foundational principal with regards to access to marriage was based on the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution.
Surely these people have better things to do. The LGBT citizens of Texas continue to subsidize their own oppression.

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