Thursday, January 5, 2017

Transgender acceptance around the world is closely tied to LGBT acceptance in general

Rank Order of Countries on the Transgender Rights Scale
I seem to have missed this over the holidays. This survey was released by Williams Institute on December 29. The transgender rights scale depicted in the image is a composite of six findings.

Why is this important? Two reasons really. The first is that, while transgender people are somewhere between 0.3% and 0.6% of the population, transgender rights and protections generally provide a measure of acceptance for the entire LGBT community. Secondly, Spain is unique in that its constitution explicitly recognizes the cultural and moral importance of the Catholic Church.

Among the findings:

Regarding protections for discrimination, Argentina and Sweden had the highest levels of support at 62.5% and 61.6% who strongly agree respectively. In the United States only 43% strongly agree. Another 28.5% somewhat agree. The countries with respondents strongly opposed to discrimination protections are Russia (26.1%) and Hungary (20.6%). 10.5% of Americans strongly disagree. I think we know who those folks are.

Support for restroom access is generally lower than support for nondiscrimination protections. Restroom access provides considerable numbers of respondents who say that they do not know. Among those who strongly support are 53.8% of Argentinians and 49.6% of Spain's respondents. Strongly opposed are 40.3% of Russians followed (sadly) by 28.3% of Americans. 27.8% of Americans strongly agree with restroom access. 18.9% somewhat agree. We have some work to do.

I cannot make any assessment of the accuracy of this survey. It was web based. Participants represent an international sample of 17,105 adults aged 18 - 64 in the US and Canada and aged 16 - 64 in all other countries. The explanation of methodology does not include how participants were recruited which could have a substantial impact on the results.

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