Monday, January 16, 2017

Two five-watt bulbs on the same low voltage circuit

Monday, individuals representing two hate groups coalesce to produceGender abuse could become publicly mandated child abuse.” Perhaps they know something about their intended audience. The headline is bullshit and I have absolutely no idea what “gender abuse” means.

Charlie Butts writes stories for American Family Association's news blog. American Family Association is a designated hate group. Peter LaBarbera is the leader of another hate group, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. AFTAH lost its tax-exempt status on May 15, 2015. Both of these men are obsessed with LGBT people.

According to them a California inmate — convicted murderer Shiloh Quine — has received gender affirming surgery at taxpayers' expense. They are a tad late to complain because the state agreed to pay for the surgery in August, 2015. The state's own expert, Dr. Richard Carroll, concluded:
Sex reassignment surgery is medically necessary to prevent Ms. Quine from suffering significant illness or disability, and to alleviate severe pain caused by her gender dysphoria.
Carroll further said that the surgery would reduce her “depression, anxiety and risk of suicide attempts.” But what does he know when compared to the combined intellect of Butts and LaBarbera? Apparently this inmate should be forced to suffer because some ignorant conservative Christians do not approve of transgender people. That makes perfect sense.
Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality tells OneNewsNow the body mutilation surgeries don't remedy the problem because transgenderism is a mental disorder, not a physical one.
Who to believe? The American Psychiatric Association and Dr. Carroll or LaBarbera? Where did Mr. LaBarbera do his clinical rotation?
“The idea that taxpayers should be forced to fund these awful operations, which destroy a person's natural sex, natural body given by God, is absurd,” LaBarbera says. “And liberal states like California will be doing this more and more.”
LaBarbera doesn't seem to pay his taxes so who is he to complain? It is also important to understand that the agreement settled litigation. Liberal or not, the state did not initially consent to the surgery.

Eventually Butts gets to his headline
The California Assembly will soon consider a Children Bill of Rights, a proposal that would mean the state could remove a child from the home if the child wants to be the opposite gender, but the parents care enough to oppose it, and order the hormone therapy and mutilation surgery without parental consent.
Not surprisingly, S.B 18 does no such thing. Not even close. Let me explain what is going on here. This is about the sponsor of the bill, State Senator Richard Pan. Pan, who is a pediatrician, sponsored the 2015 legislation relating to public health that did away with the “personal belief” exemptions from state immunization requirements for children in schools and daycare.

Moreover, while there are exceptions, children are not candidates for gender affirming surgery. Concerned parents will listen to experienced clinicians in contrast to Christian crackpots.

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