Thursday, January 12, 2017

Walt Heyer - condensed version

Walt Heyer
Most transgender people are considerably saner than Walt Heyer. Heyer continues his one-note opera with posts to The Federalist and LifeSiteNews on Thursday which I refuse to link to or even analyze. His spew never varies.

Walt Heyer is a very disturbed individual. Heyer, who is in his 70s, was unhappy as a man and had sex reassignment surgery about 35 years ago. Unhappy as a woman, he had the surgery reversed about 28 years ago. Heyer remains an unhappy and unpleasant person. As a conservative Christian, Heyer is on a mission to prevent anyone else from getting treatment for gender dysphoria. He is also trying to sell some books that he has written and (apparently) self-published.

Heyer's knowledge about gender dysphoria and being transgender is limited to his own experience. Perhaps he never should have had the surgery in the first place. Perhaps he had imperfect counseling or, perhaps, insufficient counseling. Nevertheless I can state with some degree of certainty that we know a great deal more about gender nonconformity than we did 35 years ago. Mr. Heyer, seemingly and intentionally, knows less about gender nonconformity than when he had his surgery 35 years ago. He is crank who should be irrelevant and would be irrelevant were it not for conservative outlets lacking concern for intellectual honesty.

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