Monday, February 13, 2017

A clueless hate group leader has an "URGENT" petition

Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon, leader of American Family Association has sent out an “URGENT” request for supporters to view a video and sign a petition. The petition urges Trump to sign the religious liberty executive order that was leaked to The Nation about two weeks ago. Tim is not terribly bright.

In  the video Wildmon claims:
Christian businesses are being shut down because they won't participate in homosexual wedding ceremonies.
Wildmon goes on to say:
This just shouldn't happen in America and needs to stop. President Trump can do something about it with this religious freedom executive order.
Businesses don't have a religion. Wildmon means businesses owned by conservative Christians. A handful of businesses (we have been hearing about the same two bakers, a florist and a photographer for years) have been fined because they broke nondiscrimination laws that apply to public accommodations. They are not victims. That would be the gay couples who are refused service. Actually those wedding vendors are victims — of their egocentricity by suggesting that baking a damned cake is “participating” in a wedding. Everything, you see, is about them. The world orbits them. Somehow a wedding ceremony is about them. They require the legal right to demonstrate their disapproval which is not solicited, required or even remotely relevant.


I hate to break it to Mr. Wildmon but even if Trump were to sign that executive order it would have no effect on the state and municipal nondiscrimination laws that he finds so problematic. No executive order by the president affects state and local laws. Furthermore, what Wildmon is calling an executive order is only an early-stage draft of unknown origin.

American Family Association is designated a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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