Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another witless hate group leader seeks a license to discriminate

Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon - Bigot extraordinaire
I just received an email from Tim Wildmon, leader of American Family Association titled “ Urgent: Ask Pres. Trump to stand for religious liberty.” AFA is obviously misnamed. American families come in many varieties. Many include LGBT people. Similarly, what Wildmon means by “religious liberty” is the liberty to discriminate against LGBT people which is a form of oppression. According to Wildmon:
We have to act now!

Liberals and homosexual activists are advancing their radical agenda by attempting to torpedo President Donald Trump's executive order on religious liberty that was recently leaked to the media. This is an excellent executive order that will protect your First Amendment rights.
First of all there is no executive order. What we have seen is an early-stage draft, with several typographical errors, that cannot be attributed to any specific person. It might be or might have been the draft of an executive order. It might also have been the draft of a proposed executive order written by an outside organization. We just do not know. Mr. Wildmon does not know.

Secondly it is dishonest to suggest that there is anything “radical” about opposing such a potential order which (based on the language in the draft we have seen) would constitute a license to discriminate against LGBT citizens by our own government.

After linking to a probably futile AFA petition, Wildmon continues:
This is urgent! After the executive order was leaked, radical activists demanded that the White House keep in place the policy implemented by President Obama’s executive order. The Obama policy bans federal contractors from funding if they refuse to change their non-discrimination policies to include homosexuals and “transgender” persons.
My recollection is somewhat different with respect to the order of events. A Trump spokesman asserted that Trump would leave the Obama executive order in place on January 30 or 31. The Nation ran with the leaked draft on February 1. Wildmon is trying to give the impression that the leaked draft created the cause for sustaining the Obama executive order. That is not the case. With regard to the Obama EO, the only pressure that I am aware of is a poorly written memorandum from Log Cabin Republicans.

Furthermore, any activism to prevent federal workplace discrimination could hardly be called “radical.” Wildmon is enamored with his own bullshit. Pardon the digression but it is all reminiscent of prior misadventures. In 2008 AFA's news blog was also an Associated Press distributor. At that time there was a policy of automatically rewriting any use of the word gay with the word homosexual. That year there was a prominent runner at the Beijing Olympics named Tyson Gay whose name was automatically changed to Tyson Homosexual by AFA. Now, apparently, any reference to homosexual as a noun must include the adjective “radical” — as in the next paragraph:
If Christians remain silent and do not let President Trump know they stand with him on religious liberty, then the only voices he will hear are those of radical homosexual activists.
Frankly, I don't think that Trump listens to anyone other than Trump. At least not intently.
Why should we stand with President Trump and sign the petition? First, the executive order that was leaked represents excellent public policy that would accomplish several good things. (See list below.) Second, President Trump campaigned on the promise to protect and preserve our religious liberty, which was undermined by the Obama Administration. Third, Mr. Trump has given strong indications he will keep his word by having already signed an executive order banning federal funding of Planned Parenthood International and nominated a conservative, constitutional judge to the Supreme Court.
You cannot stand with President Trump unless you know where Trump stands. The relevant communique from the White House includes:
President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of L.G.B.T.Q. rights, just as he was throughout the election … The president is proud to have been the first ever G.O.P. nominee to mention the L.G.B.T.Q. community in his nomination acceptance speech, pledging then to protect the community from violence and oppression.
Trump may very well create an executive order from that draft. The point, however, is that neither we nor Wildmon know what Trump's intentions are. Trump is also erratic and impulsive. Today and tomorrow exist on two entirely different planes.

Wildmon goes through the bullet points of the leaked draft. Instructing federal agencies not to engage in a concocted definition of discrimination against Christians is all pretty tepid. There is no federal court case that I can think of that even comes close. The trans case before the Supreme Court — Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. — doesn't allege any dastardly deed done to denigrate Christians. Most of the problems that Christians have stem from state and municipal nondiscrimination laws that they do not like. They purposely flout these laws in order to demonstrate their disapproval. There is nothing that Trump can do that will have any effect on those.

If that's the case then why strongly oppose such an executive order? Primarily because it would mean that the federal government favors conservative Christian citizens over LGBT citizens. Regardless of the net effect, it is a repugnant message. It also probably unconstitutional. Furthermore, the absence of such an order does not mean that the government favors LGBT citizens over Christians. They are on relatively equal footing.

It is intolerable for a bigot like Wildmon to be told that he is only the equal of a gay or trans citizen.

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